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    More pics

    I dig this one....from 7.21 at MX573 in Montrose PA, except that the air through the jersey makes me look like I'm 500 lbs, not 160! [This message has been edited by Chris M Slade (edited 07-21-2001).]
  2. Chris_M_Slade

    KTM Handguards?????

    Hi! Well, I got a set of Acerbis Rally Pro's on my bike...got a set of Enduro Engineering adapters. I assume you are looking for the clamps to attach the "bark busters" to your bars near the handlebar clamps...not the ends?
  3. Chris_M_Slade

    whose good at truing wheels?

    Oh come on....I used to race mountain bikes with wheels more out of true than that. I used to be very good at truing up a bicycle wheel, but I'm not yet skilled at the motorcycle ones... 1/8 inch seems unbelievably nitpicky to me.. '01 520SX
  4. Chris_M_Slade

    Air gap on 43 WP??

    I looked in my manual tonight. The 4357 MXMA / 4860 MXMA manual states oil level is 120 minimum, 150 Max. '01 520SX [This message has been edited by Chris M Slade (edited 07-20-2001).]
  5. Chris_M_Slade

    More pics

    Sorry they are so big, but here are some pathetic pics of me and my 520 SX at the Poconos in PA. I'm gonna hopefully post some after out trip to California...if I have any good ones! [This message has been edited by Chris M Slade (edited 07-16-2001).]
  6. Chris_M_Slade

    Bridgestone M77 80/100 X 21

    Let me know how much you'd want for the shipping, and what you'd be willing to sell it for... My uncle owns a shop in La Mesa (Closing down now..he says it's too much hassle), so I get them for like dealer cost.
  7. Chris_M_Slade

    Miss seeing photos lately.

    I know they're not action or anything, but here's my new baby! 2001 520 SX!!!