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  1. anyone interested in one, have one and a spacer for it thinkin of sellin.
  2. Top notch organization, Vince has been a ket player in the building of these linkage bikes, If your lookin for top notch service, give these guys a call, talk to vince, and the tb engine parts are top notch.
  3. Atf trans fluid all the way
  4. convert the two, a kdx hybrid is the ultimate bike.
  5. Stock 05 and up pro circuit silencer
  6. just pull it out be sure and drill the air box lid behind the number plate.
  7. goin to build one frame and all and get it ready to sell, if this works, will build another one right after and market it. will see what happens. if interested drop me a line first few will get special pricing
  8. Klx 140L best bang for the buck and suspension mods are easy and relativly inexpensive, a great bike for any new rider and with a few mods they just keep getting better.
  9. what type of air filter, remove it then try it again, these things get absolutely no airflow, so a restricted or improper air filter will drop it right on its face at high prm load situations.
  10. o5 and up were great machines but very abrupt power delivery for woods work.
  11. yea but night races are a blast, nothin like messin with the guy in front of you by throwing shadows with your light shining all around him
  12. still thinkin more power is the key lol. needs to retire from mx, I dont think it suits him, lol.
  13. you still riding
  14. Just imagine a klx with over 10 inches of travel and a big bike feel.