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  1. That's a bummer.... Is the XR250 and L or R?
  2. Anyone know if the XR250L rear shock bodies are hard anodized? I heard some of the older XR one's were not... don't want one of those. So trying to figure out if they are are not... Txs, PT
  3. Any idea what the eye to eye length of that 82 CR shock is? One issue on these older shocks is adjustments... there isn't much in the way of rebound clickers... So you give some stuff up there. Right now I have a CR80 shock I've modified... but getting springs for it will be a challenge. And valving it for a 9.0 or greater KG spring is... well not what it was designed for! The stock springs are 4.6 or so... but the CRF230 has a high leverage ration on that shock. You have to take all this into account.
  4. Anyone happen to have the stock spring internal dimension (ID) and free (uncompressed) length handy?
  5. I have this project bike in the garage. It's a CRF230F rolling chassis no motor. I'm going to be putting in it a 2 stroke engine. The stock rear CRF230F shock is junk. Fox doesn't offer their version anymore. So I'm looking to put a different shock on it that has modern features... rebound, compression adjusters etc. And I don't have a carb on the right side of the bike to worry about hitting... thus I'm looking for a piggy back reservior shock. I've been looking at the XR600 shocks. Apparently the eye to eye length is 15 1/4 (~ 3.2 in of shaft travel on crf230 stock) which is the stock length of the CRF230F shock. They have the approx right shaft travel too. And you can get the springs for those in the 9kg - 12 kg range (the CRF230 stock spring is ~9 KG - thus you need access to these types of rates). So, has anyone tried one of these shocks on a CRF230F chassis? Or does someone know of another shock that may fit? I can revalve it and reduce the travel etc... but I need a starting point that fits the ~ length. Any ideas??
  6. so if you shaft travel is 3.25 in of shock travel... the CR80 shock has ~ 4.3 inches. So I need to shorten the shaft a lot. What is the eye to eye length of your fox or stock shock? I have 15 and 1/4 as the stock length.
  7. That's the info I need... did you take and accurate measurement? Thus those numbers are good? If so I have enough shaft travel to short'n it and still have over 3.5 in of shock travel left.
  8. So I'm looking at grafting a CR80 shock onto a CRF230. Ny understanding is the CRF230 shock is 15 ¼ inch – eye to eye. Does anyone know the length of the shaft travel? I have to shorten the CR80 shock but I'm wondering if I'll run into issues with shaft travel... Thus need the CRF230 shaft travel length. Thanks! Patrick
  9. Looking for a 250x carb for a project bike... please PM me if you have one you'd like to get rid of.
  10. Looking for a 04 or 05 CRF250 carb for a project bike... please PM me if you have one you'd like to get rid of. Txs,
  11. I have a 06 YZ250 and had the same issues as I was coming from a 4 stroke as well. 1st put on a 13 oz fly wheel. I'd go bigger if they had them... 2nd put a 1 tooth larger front sprocket on it.. I believe stock is 14/50... go to a 15/50. This helps a bunch. Stock gearing is too low... harsh. 3rd carb spacer as recomended here... IT's a great motor but needs to be mellowed out for trails.
  12. So I have this 08 RMZ250 that I'm having rear brake issues with. The darn rear brake seems to over heat really easily and completely fad away. It has fresh fluid... Just happened to me today for the 2nd time while off road riding. Has anyone else had this issue? I wish the Honda rear brake fit on there as I'd swap it out... but the bolt holes don't line up. Has anyone else had issues with the RMZ250 Rear bake? Did you find a solution? Steel brake line.... different pads... something!
  13. So got the lower today... it extends down in the clamping area more than the stock on.. by .41 inches... ~. So it hangs further down... thus, no problem sliding down the top of the fork tube 3/16 down from flush in the top clamp. He also made the fender mounts flush... so the fender is up a little higher. The measure meant you see is how much further down towards the front wheel the clamping area goes vs. stock. Top of the second picture is towards the wheel as the clamp is upside down in the photo.... thus, the extra clamping area you see is going down towards the front wheel.... not up towards the top clamp.
  14. Baja guy - I had this exact discussion with him! It's actually the other reason why I drove over there.... I think he can make that happen for sure with no additional cost. Also, the upper triple clamp is much beefier... much longer as it has two pinch bolts.. See pic of top clamp below from him vs the stock CRF150F.CR80 top clamp... you can certainly push the fork tubes down a bit and have a lot more clamping area.
  15. The XR250 stem is often used in the CR80/CRF150R lower tripple clamp to mount the USD forks from those models on the CRF230. Some end up being press fits... mine was not. Thus the modifed hole size in the one RSW made for me.