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  1. Pogo018

    2005 KX250F - questions for the heavier riders

    I am also a vet racer (if you call what I do racing) and I rode the 250f at the beginning of this year, and then at the end. In between I had surgery on the shoulder. Anyway, I am 6 feet 215 to 220, and I love it. I have ridden a few of the larger, national style tracks and I give a little away to the 450's but the bike is faster in the corners. As for the starts, well a 450 and prob at 250 2 stroke can get you off the gate if you are slow. But what I have found is that my reaction time seems to be quicker, or maybe just maybe I can get the lighter bike going quicker. Also the 250 is great for vet racing on a smaller track. I ride sone small tracks, and the bike is a joy to ride there.
  2. Pogo018

    YZ carb to Mod a TTR

    I want to try to put a YZ 80 carb on my sons TTR125. He is racing it and riding the crap out of it. He is going up to an 80 at next year but this year he is going to stay on it, that's why I am not going to sink a ton of money into it to hop it up. He needs a little more get up and go, so I was going to put a carb on it for better response and a little more power. The bike is a 2000 with Tag fat bars and risers, BBR frame cradle, Hi flow air filter, BBR chain guide, and an FMF pipe. The problem I am having is finding a carb for under $60.00. I only would like to spend 20 to 30, but I can't find one. Anyone know of online junk yards or phone numbers please help.
  3. Pogo018

    Air Screw or Fuel Screw?

    It is on the average in the low 40's day to day, with low humidity. The bike is ok now, I am looking towards the summer when it will be 85 degrees with a 90% humidity. The guy at the shop says it is a fuel screw too, since it is located on the cylinder side of the carb. The Zip Ty part is advertised a a fuel screw aslo. And that all makes sense. I just wondered why the bike maunal says to turn in the "pilot screw" in to richen, is the manual screwed up (it is not shop manuel it is the little one that came with the bike, not very detailed) or am I talking about a different item.
  4. I have a 2004 KX250F and replaced the Fuel/Air screw with a Zip Ty one so that I could get to it with my fingers to fine tune the idle to 1/8 throttle opening as the weather dictated. The main jets and everything else is seem to be pretty good for my wide range of situations here in Ohio. I am confused. I have was under the belief that 4 strokes have air screws while 2 strokes have fuel screws. My understanding is that if I turn an air screw in I richen (reducing the amount of air into cylinder) and if I turn a feul screw in I lean (lessen fuel to cylinder). My manual calls the part I replaced a pilot screw. It says that the pilot screw changes the air flow and the slow jet controls the fuel flow from closed to an 1/8th. It adds that turning the pilot screw in enriches the mixture. I was concerned because after I installed the part I had to turn it out 2 1/4 to 2 1/2 to get the bike to run cleanly. I was worried about having to back it out furhter past that point when the weather got hotter and more humid in the summer to lean it out a little (I beleived it was an air screw). I wondered if I should change a main jet with that many turns out. I placed a post on RMZ250/KX20F board about Air Screw and someone responded that what I was refering to was a fuel screw. The screw is at stock setting now, but I am hesitant to adjust either way. If the screw is a fuel screw and I turn it in I will be richening it, if it is an air screw and I turn it in I will be leaning it. I don't want to go any further until I get some clarification. Thanks.
  5. Pogo018

    Air Screw for KX250F

    I recently put in a Zip Ty air screw on my KX250F, so that I could make the small adjustments that are needed due to weather changes etc... I put it in and backed it out 1 and a half turns like it said, then ran the bike and adjusted it. The bike ran good at 2 and a 1/4 to 2 and a 1/2 turns out. The manual says that 2 and a 1/4 is standard setting. I am affaid that when warmer, humid weather in Ohio hits I will have to back it out more to lean it out. I do not like backing out the air screw more than 3 turns at max even if the manual says up to 3 and a 1/2 is OK. I heard these bikes are jetted a little on the rich side, if that is true will it hurt to go to a 168 main jet from stock (174 I think) to lean it out, then adjust the air screw from there. With the air screw set at 2 and 1/4 turns out it idles fine, but seemed to pop a lilttle too much under heavy deceleration. Could be that I just suck and don't know hjow to ride or know :excuseme:what I am talking about, but I though I would ask.
  6. Pogo018

    TTR suspension woes

    My son races a 2000 TTR125 in a class they have for trail bikes. He is 11 years old, weighs 110, and went from an RM 80 (too much bike at the time) to his TTR. He rides it aggressivley and has started complaining about the suspension being too soft (mostly the front end), off of jumps etc... He blew a fork seal the other day and I tore the forks apart. The stock springs were alomost a half inch out of spec. Will new OEM srings make a noticable difference for him. Is it worth trying to put a YZ frok on the bike? If I do, does it need rear suspension mods? Can I put stock YZ or KX springs in it? One other mod I am interested in is the YZ 80 carb. If I can find a chaep one $20 or so I would like to do that if the jetting mess isn't too much. Will that give the bike more notacible power? I know that is a lot to ask for, but he seems to be wanting more. He has to stick out the TTR this year, and maybe next year we get another 80. The bike already has BBR frame cradle, BBR cahin guide, Tag bars with adapters on the clamps, A high flow air filter with teh richer jet.
  7. I am interested in starting a small (to begin with) MX team in North East Ohio. We have a couple of local sponsors lined up but we do not want to use them too much. We are interested in any books, web sights, or contacts that would be able to give advice such as budgets, legal issues, fund raising etc... etc... Please leave a post or contact me at epd377@Juno.com or baracskai@ELYRIAPOLICE.ORG
  8. I got a notice in the mail a week ago about the air filter seal. I also got a notice about the plunger on the carb. It seems that water can get down into there. I am taking the bike to the shop tomorrow. I have only had mine about a month and have about 10 hours on it, so I hope no damage.