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    stop this fucking pop-up
    stop this &%$#@!ing pop-up
  2. The best way to combat those losers is to put your money where your mouth is and join the NMA and the BlueRibbon Coalition
  3. If the SG10's are too much check out the Gaerne RX2's. I have a pair and like them a lot. For reference - I have a wide foot and also found the Alpinestars a bad fit. My foot didn't like the Fox or Thor much either.
  4. I put the Rally Pro handguards on mine and they went on no problem. Most of the guys I ride with use the Rally Pro guards as well. Rally 2's don't have the aluminum bar and aren't as durable I'm told (never tried them personally)
  5. Hmm, I just looked at mine and it said 4th position for the standard settings
  6. I put a Pro Circuit T4 muffler on my bike while using the stock header and it went on no problem. Prepare to play with your carb to get the jetting right and prepare for the noise - mine is LOUD.
  7. Ditto, I sent them some money about a month ago and haven't heard anything from them
  8. Yeah, your bike is running lean now. My bike did the same thing after doing the mods. I am in the process of figuring out the jetting so I am not sure what the exact solution is but you can read more than you ever wanted to know about jetting in this thread: A good place to start is by picking up the James Dean jet kit found on this site.
  9. I second the Airframe - I like it. It is also pretty low profile in the shoulders.
  10. Yeah, it has 2 holes in the bottom, one for each drain plug. The holes are pretty small though - too small for a socket wrench to fit in there. I imagine that if you want to use a torque wrench you will need to take the skidplate off.
  11. I ordered this skidplate from and it bolted perfectly onto my 04. I also got their radiator guards and they went on equally easy. They are a good product and I recommend them. Devol claims to have 04 frame guards but are backordered everythwere I have looked. Should be stocked ina few weeks I am told.
  12. I never got around to putting a PC and pipe on it. It seemed that whenever I had any extra money a new bike ended up in the garage I have had that bike for about 2 years and I am thinking about selling it in the spring. I really like the bike but it isn't always the best bike for the northwest mountain twisties. I am smitten by the new crop of liter bikes - the new ZX-10R is looking pretty nice
  13. Hey there, my situation is very similar to yours. I just picked up a WR450 after being off of dirt for a while and I just got a bike for my girlfriend - a CRF150. She has such a problem kick starting it I almost wish I had bought her the TTR125LE instead though. I also ride an 02 ZX-12R As for the questions: -You still want to do the gray wire mod for the 04 -You can cut the throttle stop or just be lazy and go to the dealer and buy a YZ throttle stop. Check out and for more info on mods. -I’m not sure of a good place to pick up cheap OEM stuff. Other things you should do to you bike: -Buy the James Dean jet kit (can be bought on this site). It really made my bike run better. -Put radiator guards on your bike. I have been told countless horror stories of WR owners getting their radiators ripped off out in the field. I picked up some from and they are very nice (skidplate too). Others here can vouch for the Flatland guards as well as Devol guards and Utah Sport Cycles’ guard. -I’d also personally recommend getting some new handle bars. I picked up some Pro Tapers with the CR high bend and I like them a lot better – especially when standing up. They are also much tougher than the stock bars. There are a lot more you could do but those are what I’d consider the essentials. I'm still a n00b so I sure some other WR owners with more insight will have some other suggestions as well
  14. I highly recommend the doing all of the free mods and getting the JD jetting kit. It made my bike run 100 times better and much easier to start. My bike would barely run when I first got it - it ran so bad that I took it back to the dealer to make sure it was set up correctly. They messed with the mixture a little bit but still ran like crap. Once I did the free mods and jetting it was like night and day.