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    Spinal fusion

    13 weeks ago I had an accident that left me with compression fractures of T10, T11 and L1 and a burst fractured T12 with 40% occlusion of the spinal canal at T12. I spent 7 days in the hospital flat on my back waiting for spinal fusion that would have fused everything from T8 to L2. It was the most pain I have ever experienced and I've been through a lot of injuries. Well they decided not to do the surgery and wait and see how things progress. They fit me to a TLSO brace and sent me home. The doctor says that that amount of fusion would severely limit my back flexibility, and that I would have a hard time doing anything that requires bending over, but would put me back to the level of risk of paralysis as the rest of the population. Without the surgery I will pretty much say goodbye to riding or any high impact sports because of the risk of paralysis if I injure it again. He is willing to do the surgery but says that it's a very painful and excruciating experience since they have to go into two different places for the surgery and the risk of bleeding, infection, paralysis, etc... is high. So now it seems that I'm damned if I do and damned if I don't. I see the pros and cons of both. I've been riding for most of my 37 years and racing has been a huge part of my life. All my family and friends ride and it is a lifestyle for us all. I don't know that I can give it all up and sit and watch everyone else. But I also don't want to do something that I will regret for the rest of my life. This all seems so stupid and selfish and I should be greatful that I can still walk and move around. Riding a motorcycle doesn't seem like it should even be a factor in the decision as it's not really what life's about, or is it??? Anyway, I'm not sure if I'm looking for a response, or if I'm venting, or what. This has been a huge life changing situation and I'm really confused and not sure what to do. I would love to hear from anyone who has had back injuries or even life changing injuries and how they have come to terms with them. Shane
  2. 1. 5'11' 2. 170 pounds 3. 30 years on/off (mostly on) 4. Everything from desert to technical woods singletrack.
  3. SLJ

    Cleaning goggles

    Try putting some armor all on the lenses after you clean them at home. When you're out on the trail all you have to do is lightly brush them and the dust falls right off without scratching your lenses.
  4. SLJ

    Shoulder Surgery (@#$%!)

    Same with me. Had mine done about 12 years ago. The rehab was definitely the worst part. It took about a year till I didn't feel any pain. I think I was back riding in a couple months and racing again at about 4 months. It's held up really well with no dislocations or breaks of the labrum. Actually two months ago I fell really hard on the shoulder and it held up fine, although still broke my collarbone. It's better now than before so keep positive it will definitely get better. The harder you work at rehab the faster and better the recovery will be, even though it's really painful. Good Luck
  5. SLJ

    Trails blocked at Crystal Mtn

    Man that sucks! I haven't been up there this year but am planning on some rides soon. Last year I ran across some on other trails up there. I guess the gate is open now.
  6. For a completely stock bike: stock is 42 pilot, clip in 4th position, and 165 main. Depends on where you are and temperature but I live at 5,000 feet and run a 42 pilot, clip in 3rd position (in summer) and 162 main. If you're over 8,000 feet I would go to a 160 main and depending on temperature maybe go to a 40 pilot. If you don't already have a fuel screw get one cause you will be needing to change it if you're climbing/descending a lot. Have fun this is a great time of year to ride here.
  7. SLJ


    wow, ok thanks throttlejockey
  8. SLJ


    OK, so I just pulled the swingarm off my 04 to grease for the first time and a collar fell off what I think was the right side of the swingarm. According to the shop manual there is a collar on the right side (outside) but the pivot collar sticks out on the inside of the right side and is exposed. This doesn't seem right to me. It seems that the entire Pivot Collar should be inside the Thrust needle bearings. I can't really tell from the pictures in the shop manual. What's up? Am I putting this thing back together right? Whew, hopefully this all made sense. Thanks in advance, Shane
  9. SLJ

    Pahrump Nevada

    Hi Everyone, I'm going to be in Pahrump for a few weeks and I'm wondering where all the riding is at. From the looks of the maps there should be lots of riding around that area starting within a few miles of town or within a 20 minute drive. Does anyone ride around there (or have ridden there), and where should I start? Thanks, Shane
  10. SLJ

    I'm hating my 450

    Man I feel for you. I had the same problem with a YZ. It took me forever to figure it out. I would drive out to the track or wherever and it would never start. I would go through 3~4 plugs and even then sometimes I wouldn't get it started. The procedure I would go through would be to pull the plug, kick 100 times, put new plug in, and repeat until it would hopefully start. I was shutting it down by turning off the fuel then almost run it out of gas so I thought it was totally dry. I had just bought a new trailer and the drives to ride were very bumpy so the bike was really bumping around a lot. Finally I started completely running it out of gas then draining the bowl. After doing that I have never had to change the plug and it starts with one or two kicks. I guess even the little bit of fuel left in the carb was just enough to wet the plug and make it impossible to start. Good luck, I know how frustrating it can be.
  11. SLJ

    Heart rate monitor

    When I was 19 I started using HR monitors for training for road and MTB racing. My max HR's during races were usually over 210 (I think my max was 214 or something like that)during a sprint finish or during really hard interval training. Over the years it has gone down. Right now it's about 195 and I'm 35 yrs old. I wouldn't worry too much, you're still young. My resting HR has also dropped and when I'm in racing shape it is the lowest. Unless you're having pain or strange heart rhythms I wouldn't worry.
  12. SLJ

    Front Range Feb/Mar - Places To Ride

    No pawnee this weekend. It's all snow and cold up here in Fort Fun.
  13. SLJ

    adjusting the clip position

    As far as I know the only way to get the needle out is to pull the screw out of the throttle drum and pull the whole throttle drum out to pull the throttle valve (slide) out. I tried once to pull the screws from the link arm and couldn't pull the thing out far enough to get the needle out. Yes, the only way is from the top unfortunately. Also be careful with the O-Ring under the top cover. Mine always seem to expand and I can never get them back in without cutting them. You can't buy a single O-Ring, you have to buy the whole O-Ring kit for the whole carb. For baseline jetting try this link link It has worked pretty good for me to get started there. Good Luck, you'll really love it when you get it all uncorked and jetted properly. Shane