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    Anyone have any passenger pegs laying in their garage they are looking to get rid of?? Looking for a pair of xr650l stock passenger pegs I've been looking eveywhere! If anyone knows where i can get some without getting ripped off please let me know!
  2. doctorleevil

    correct technique for steep hills

    As someone who did this last week, Make sure you got some good nobbies before attempting (made a huge mistake last week with the wrong tires) Momentum is key, if you find yourself slowing down to maneuver through the ruts, you won't have the power to get out of them
  3. doctorleevil

    full face helmet

    It's funny that you mention that. I was in the bike shop looking at off road helmets today due to something that happened to me last week. I was off-roading in my street gear last week (being more of a street rider than dirt.) When i get caught in a rut and dumped my bike. The park I was in had very strict helmet rules. After about 5 minutes of wrestling with the front forks(helmet lid up) to get some traction i said screw my full face helmet and put it on the ground. After i get my bike up i look back at my helmet to see a "rainforest" inside of my helmet. There was 0% visibility from all the residual sweat that was still steaming in the helmet. Needless to say my helmet isn't smelling the same even after many attempts of purification. Long story short. If you're on the street, full face helmets are cool, if you're on the dirt get an mx helmet. Those things have vents/visors for a reason.
  4. doctorleevil

    Pics of my Black XR650L

    http://photos.yahoo.com/tibaltlee Round 1 of modding my xr650l. I know i'll get hell for this but i can't stand the way the xr looked stock. So i changed the front 10" tv headlight with an *Acerbis ciclop headlight (easy install). *Replaced the tail light with a lighter Acerbis light. *Changed the stock tank to a high cap tank *Changed the front Gonzo fender to a black Acerbis Universal Supermotard fender (direct drill in fit) *Tore out the rear fender and put in a black universal Acerbis MX fender (took alot of bending and dremel work) *Went to town with some polyurethane bumper paint. I went mudding last week and the paint didn't hold up to the ground well I'm going to bring in the new season with the Krylon paint. All in all if you're sick of the way your xr looks and are trying to get a more aggressive look you can do it really cheaply. All this costed me under $200. I was torn between putting on the Ciclop headlight or riding without the white plastic headlight cover-looks really aggressive like this and it would have saved me $100 bucks. I've also got the smog block off, FMF exhaust, UNI intake but i guess all thats below. I'm planning on sticking on my JcWhitney tank on and thinking of putting on a thumper carb next.
  5. doctorleevil

    Pumper Carb on 650L

    Yeah i just called xrsonly and they told me that the mikuni has no pump. Without it there is not much of a performance gain, and stated its more for throttle response.....grr They stated they sell the 41mm FCR for $540!! It was an easy sell for me at $230 for the mikuni, but not without the pump. oh wells time for ebay.
  6. doctorleevil

    Pumper Carb on 650L

    Does anyone have any experience with a flat-slide pumper carb on a 650l? Does it add more low end or high end power? Also does anyone know the specific carb, i've heard that the carbs for the 650l doesn't come with pumps.
  7. doctorleevil

    Trunk Racking on an XR650?

    Wow that's a fantastic job! Did you have to do any welding? Where did you find these aluminum strips? Can you get them at a hardware store? If you can provide your process on how you did this that would be great. Nice job man
  8. doctorleevil

    Trunk Racking on an XR650?

    Is there anyone out there with a Hard shell trunk on the back of their XR? Is there any way to do this in a cost effective manner? I've also been warned by a local mechanic that the XR frame could be in danger with the weld points being pinched by the already heavy rear end (battery, exhaust, big ass.) Anyone know a good place online to get the trunk/luggage rack. Looking for something that can be easily removed to handle both a commute and mudding. Thanks in advance
  9. Hi post, I was wondering if anyone had any experience with the Mikuni or Keihin Flat Slide Carbs? I've been told that they really add some kick. Can anyone give me any info? How does this compare to fiddling with the needle positioning? At what range does it add power? Low end torque, mid, high?
  10. doctorleevil

    xr650r as a street fightin holigan

    MAN you read my mind! I've been working on the same project for about 2 weeks now I've decided on this game plan 1. Acerbis front universal supermotard fender (black) $25 2. Acerbis ciclop (spelled that way) headlight-can't stand the a 10" TV as my headlight. Provides a 55w low light,55w spot so it should work with my stock stator. ($100) 3. Spray paint my spare high cap fuel tank & side plates with polyurethane bumper paint-heard that worked well. 4. I've been told that an MX600 rear fender will fit (atleast with some drilling) onto my back. Anyone have any warnings on what i'm about to do please let me know! I'll post some pics when all's done.