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  1. fleshwound graphics.I will post the link after work
  2. I have the T-4 its the small one(12inch)its loud as hell
  3. It gets pretty cold here in Newfoundland in the winter and its time to put my bike away.I have Drained the gas tank,carb,changed the oil and put a bit in the sparkplug hole and all the other usual things.What I dont understand is why the book tells U to drain the coolant.Can anyone explain this?Also I notice in some posts that people use WD-40 a bit,I find rustcheck is way better.WD is good for cleaning chain wax off your fenders and oil around the bike. thanks in advance
  4. I run a FMF T-4 (12 inch I think)with a power bomb header and it rocks. [*]03CRF 450