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  1. Fat Tony

    Where to ride?

    Ended up riding at 3 trails in Oregon (just ok), Prospect( with the exception of the Golden stair trail it was ok. Lots of gravel to connect trails. Lots of trails marked on map were actually just gravel), and Stonyford, CA (epic. Rained first day and sunny the second. Could not have timed it better!).
  2. Fat Tony

    Nevada riding advice

    Actually, that is the reason we are going down! We are leaving the weekend before the event and taking our time getting there in order to hit some additional spots. We did the event last year and it was a lot of fun. It is put on by Ventura County Motorcycle Club (VCMC).
  3. Fat Tony

    Nevada Nevada riding advice

    Help please. We will we traveling down 395/580 from Oregon to California in the first week of October. We would like to stop at 2 or 3 good off road riding areas on the way. We don't mind driving a little out of the way for something good but we have no idea where to go. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. If you are ever in the Portland area I would be glad to return the favor. Thanks
  4. Fat Tony

    Where to ride?

    No, we are pulling a trailer. Planning on stopping at a few places along the way to ride though. Would like to drive a few hours each day and ride 5 or 6 or more if possible each day. No set plans though other than the event at the end. Not really familiar with any riding areas south of Salem though so was hoping for suggestions.
  5. Fat Tony

    Where to ride?

    1st week of October we are heading from Portland to a dual sport event in Bishop, California. We are leaving late on September 30 or early October 1st. Our event does not start until Oct 7. Looking to hit some riding on the way. Don't know any of the areas. I spotted prospect ohv, north umpqua, and diamond lake. They seem pretty close together. Anybody have advice on any of these? We will be heading through a little of Nevada as well and down 395. Any suggestions on our way would be appreciated. Thanks
  6. My backpack! It holds water, first aid supplies, tools, couple spare parts, snacks, extra clothes, etc.
  7. Fat Tony

    Buy old vs buy new

    I have had several used bikes and 2 new ones. First new one was in 2001. Rode it until 2013. Bought another new one in 2013. KTM 300 xcw. Added hand guards, skid plate, pipe guard, radiator braces, and a spark arrestor. Cant think of anything else I want to do to it other than maybe suspension some time. Plan on keeping it at least 10 years. No headaches with new bikes. Bought a used dual sport bike last spring. 2008 KTM 530. Looked immaculate. Seemed perfect at first. It was my first 4 stroke so it took me a bit but I figured out that something was not quite right. Super long story short, the CDI was bad. Cut out at a specific RPM on the upper end of the range. She is all good now but it took forever to figure out what was wrong! In the end I saved 5 grand over a new bike but took a couple months to get it all fixed up. Glad it turned out to be rather simple to fix but could have been something way worse. That is the risk of a used bike.
  8. Fat Tony

    Most expensive crash

    My buddy was riding his dual sport on a road in the riding area when another bike tried to cross at a trail crossing without looking. He t boned her. Didn't even have a chance to react. Totaled his bike, helicopter ride, 2 surgeries so far (wrist will never work again), and 6 months missed work ( maybe more depending on future surgeries). Been over a year and so far, because of the wrist, he can barely ride. He can do some light dual sport stuff but as soon as it gets rough he just can't do it. Really sucks. Pretty expensive but we all know people who have paid with their lives for this sport.
  9. Fat Tony

    Anti-fog goggles and the PNW

    I usually carry 2 or 3 in their own ziplocks. Usually does not take too long before they are saturated with mud and water and it is nice to have a spare.
  10. Fat Tony

    Anti-fog goggles and the PNW

    Tried the goggle fan as well. It may have helped but was definitely not a solution.
  11. Fat Tony

    Anti-fog goggles and the PNW

    I sweat a LOT! Could have something with my name. I have tried many different goggle, lens, and no fog spray combinations with little success. I prefer goggles but once the fog wins ( it always does in the winter) I go with the safety glasses. Better than nothing and they need very little airflow to stay clear.
  12. Fat Tony

    Northwest trip 2016

    If you are looking to swim in Oregon, May is not the time lol. Crater lake average temps in May are 45/70. Went there a few years ago in September and there was still snow in the shade. Water was chilly but bearable. Really cool experience though. If your trip falls on the right weekend I would be happy to show you some pretty good single track in the Tillamook State Forest.
  13. Fat Tony

    Bought a bike with title on the way

    Neither Oregon or Washington give you a title on the spot. It comes in the mail 6-8 weeks later. Oregon gives you a plate on the spot if it is street legal and previously registered out of state. Hopefully you have a bill of sale and documents proving you purchased the bike. You are probably just going to have to keep calling or showing up until they give it to you. They have no motivation at this point if you have already paid them the full amount. Good luck.
  14. Fat Tony

    Portland winter riding

    Tillamook State Forest
  15. Fat Tony

    Who's your Sponsors?

    Lol, no. Sponsors are looking for what you can do for them. If you have nothing to offer then they are not going to give you anything. In my case, I gave her 3 kids and my pay check. She in turn sponsors my addiction.