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  1. DarrenS32

    Atlantic Grand Prix

    Thanks for the update Dale. Good luck with the new biz...I checked out the site; that's some cool stuff! If there's any riding areas developing in North Jersey that I can help out with, let me know. Regards, Darren
  2. DarrenS32

    NewJersey Atlantic Grand Prix

    Hey Dale, if you're around, do you have any plans for a 2011 season? We're really struggling to find places to ride, and we miss the series; it was a blast. Pig Pen Racing
  3. DarrenS32

    Atlantic Grand Prix

    Thanks for the answers guys. Where can I find info for NEOC? Dale, best of luck getting the parks open. Post on here whatever info you have and in what ways people can help make it happen. The faster this gets done, the faster we can get back to AGP!
  4. DarrenS32

    NewJersey Atlantic Grand Prix

    Is this a completely dead series? Is there any hope for a season this year? Dale, I assume you are the one to be asking this...sorry if there's been talk or answers to this question, I've been out of action for the past few months due to crazy work hours and an injury. My kids and I had a great time at this series, it was sorely missed last year, especially since it's getting harder and harder to find places to ride. I know alot of time was spent on the Little Egg Harbor situation, I was even at the Town Hall one day talking about it - what a shame, the lack of cooperation and shortsightedness on the opponents to this sport in general. I obviously don't know the details, and I'm sure it's complicated, but is there a way to just kick the series off again with the landowners and locations that seemed to be fully cooperative with the races?
  5. DarrenS32

    Sahara HS in NJ 10-17/18

    Hi Dale, Did you mean to say 2009, or 2010? Are you saying that there will be no AGP races next year also? PigPen Racing
  6. DarrenS32

    AGP and NJOHVA information.

    Hi Dale, In an effort to help you & Ken with this, here's the information for the banquet: 2008 Atlantic Grand Prix Awards Banquet Saturday March 14th 2009 5:00pm - 10:00pm Gabriel’s Restaurant, Wayne, N.J. It's with great fanfare that we announce the revised location of the 2008 Atlantic Grand Prix Banquet! This years event will be at Gabriel’s Restaurant, Wayne, N.J. 2008 Atlantic Grand Prix Championship Awards Banquet Information: Date: Saturday March 14th 2009 Time: 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm Tickets: Adults $40 per person, Children 12 and under $30.00 Ticket sales need to be concluded ASAP! Send payment along with a self a addressed envelope to: Ken Larsen, 20 Lakeside Trail Kinnelon, N.J. 07405-2842 Make sure checks are payable to KEN LARSEN and NOT AGP If you have questions you can email Ken Larson at: klarsen5@optonline.net Or by phone at (973) 283-1691 but note ticket sales are on a first come basis. Ticket sales will not be done over the phone ONLY BY MAIL IN! Where: Gabriel’s Restaurant 95 MountainView Blvd Wayne, N.J. 07470 Who's getting awards? To qualify for a year end 2008 Atlantic Grand Prix award, you will have had to compete in (4) or more Atlantic Grand Prix event in 2008! Note: if there is a (4) or more next to your points you qualify for a year end award! 2008 Adult Motorcycle Points: Click here 2008 Adult Quad Points: Click here 2008 Youth Minicycle Points: Click here 2008Youth Quad Points: Click here 2008Youth Quad Points: Click here To everyone that rode the Atlantic Grand Prix series in 2008 we'd all like to say thanks for making 2008 a great season. Hope to see you all at the Banquet. Dale Freitas Director of the Atlantic Grand Prix Series Here's a direct link to the website: http://atlanticgrandprix.com/09banquet.html
  7. DarrenS32

    AGP Year End Awards

    HuskyRips, (aka Dale) Do you have any idea what the date will be ?
  8. Hi Dale, Any info on the Banquet? Thanks, Pig Pen Racing
  9. DarrenS32

    150R Swingarm recall

    Grrrr.... My kid's is one of them
  10. Hi Dale, We had a great time at Sahara Sands - we should be there for this one also. Do you know when the standings wil be updated on the AGP website? Pig Pen Racing
  11. DarrenS32

    K&N X-Stream air filter

    I've been running a K&N on my '04 for about 3 years now. My valves started to go BEFORE I put the K&N in, I put a SS valve & spring kit in from RHC, put the K&N in & my valves have stayed spot on - The bike starts first kick, even in cold weather. I ride trails & race AGP harescrambles in NJ & Eastern Pa. - If it's not muddy, it's very dusty, silty conditions. I clean the filter after every ride, & when I check the intake with a clean paper towel its spotless, even when the filter is caked with crud after a particularly dirty ride. I also change my oil about every 2-3 hrs - maybe too much, but when I take things apart they still look new. I think if the filter is PROPERLY cleaned, sealed, oiled & maintained, you won't have any issues. For the record,I also ran K&N filters in a Pro Stock NMRO mud drag truck, & all my on-road vehicles. I even have one in my '08 Duramax Silverado, but if you listen to others they'll tell you it screws up the MAS sensor in the intake. It probably does if you over-oil it, which will allow the excess oil to get sucked into the intake as a mist. Bottom line - if you have experience with the K&N & you know how to take care of them, you won't have any problems, & you'll benefit from increased airflow. By the way, I don't work for K&N, nor am I sponsored by them; I've just used them in various applications & have never been let down by them. Hope this helps..
  12. DarrenS32

    New Jersey Atlantic Grand Prix July 13, 2008

    Dale, Any word on how the town handled this race? It was really dusty - I hope there were no complaints. We want to go to the next one there. When are the results going to be posted?
  13. DarrenS32

    New Jersey July 13th Hare Scrambles

    HaHaHa... Thats because those quad guys aren't a tough as us bikers. J/K.... We were at the last race - we'll be there tomorrow. Was there enough rain to keep the soil damp? The dust was a killer:cry: See you there, Dale Pig Pen Racing
  14. This was a couple years ago - there's more goodies now, I need to take a few new pics.
  15. DarrenS32

    CRF100 Handlebars

    Thanks guys, I'll check the specs on both of them, & see which ones my son likes better....