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  1. Awesome, thanks for the insights into the grooming situation. Much appreciated, not only for the helpful info, but also for your efforts in making our trail system a great place to ride!
  2. Understood completely on the issue of letting the groom "settle" before riding. I only asked as it sounded like all of the work was done with DNR approval, and most times it seems .gov agencies get pretty sticky on exactly when/where/etc.
  3. Is the schedule something of public record? I would assume so, if it's at the DNR's discretion/direction. I thought I had heard that it was actually info available on the web, anybody know?
  4. Thanks, just got her together. First spin thru the twisties last night to get the tires scrubbed in. Very entertaining bike, set up as a SM ride. Few details to work out, but a riot for sure.
  5. Yep, here you go: More pics and info on the bike here
  6. I run the spare fender from my son's TTR125L. Not a Supermoto-specific, but looks great on the bike, and is quite a bit smaller than stock. It is the exact same bolt pattern too, so it was a straight bolt-on.
  7. Dirt, Bruno?!!? Is that what these things are for? I will admit to washing the bike every couple rides. Stock WR seat and tank.
  8. Rick, I'd be interested in the details of the switch/wiring also - that turned out great. Mine's a WR/YZ too: I mounted my trailtech to the bar clamp bracket as well, but on an aluminum bracket that attaches to the billet protector. Puts it at the perfect angle for viewability, and it's been thru a fair amount of abuse without issue mounted this way. Here's a closer shot of my mounting setup: Rather than clamping the bracket between the top clamp and riser, I ended up drilling/tapping the bottom side of the top clamp and bolting it on from the bottom. Seems to be working out great so far.
  9. In WaGuy78's Maxxis front tire thread, there was a comment about tire wear. It led me to think about this a little, and rather than losing the subject in that thread, I figured I'd start a thread of its own: ncmm - What kind of criteira are you using when you describe the tire as "1/3 gone?" Are you saying the knobs have lost 1/3 of their height, or that the edges are rounded off to some level? Do you use different criteria in assessing a front vs. a rear tire? I'm curious to hear more from others about what you consider to be "ready to change 'em" levels of tire wear.
  10. I might be interested in such an event as well. What age kids are we talking about? My son might be a little big, but he's never ridden MX before, nor have I. We'd both like to give it a shot sometime, but are both a little intimidated being total newbs to the track thing. I'll keep an eye on this thread for any info!
  11. Nope, but I did have a bike come loose inside my enclosed trailer due to a sh*tty tie-down. That sucka went in the trash immediately, along with another of the same type. If it had been an open trailer it would have been fuuuuugly.
  12. Over near Oscoda. My folks have a place in Harrisville, so we can ride the Oscoda trails (Old State House and Huron) as well as the Mio trails (Hunt Creek, Big Bear, Crapo, etc.) within a reasonable drive. It's a pretty decent spot to base from, as we can always come back afterward and hang out at the big lake. Your boy may like the Old State house loop, it's pretty straightforward and no really challenging stuff aside from the sand and the need to be in the proper groove. As I say, the wet conditions we rode in yesterday made it a lot more fun. There is a really cool section of the Huron trail too, near the big campground. It runs thru a dark woods section that seems to be perpetually wet. I remember riding dirt bikes and (gulp) ATC's (3-wheelers) thru there many years ago and thinking it was a neat section of trail. Huron's a lot more fun on a plated bike as you can do some casual exploring and such. My son really enjoyed the Hunt Creek loop, although I think next time we'll ride to the big hill and turn around and ride it in reverse. The only bad deal about the brush conditions there was my constant fear of oncoming trail traffic with near-zero visibility. Fun place none the less.
  13. Holy wow, mikew1 - you pushed your boy's TTR up that big hill? Yikes! Agreed on the view from up there, super nice. I had that same experience, chin on the steering damper, getting hammered with branched and brush. My son was on his TTR125L too, but he didn't have a flat. Two thumbs up to him for riding it out! Crapo Creek and Big Bear didn't do much for me, at least Big Bear didn't. There were sections of Crapo Creek that were pretty good, but by far the best section of trail over there in my opinion was the connector! We did a bunch of laps of the Old State House trail today, it seemed like a freeway after riding Hunt Creek a few days prior. The best part was riding in really damp conditions at Old State House this morning, the traction was awesome, and the sand was wet enough that the bikes turned and bit hard. Lotsa fun. My son loves that trail as it's easy and sweeping. We were rippin' thru there today with the conditions the way they were. No dust and lots of traction. What a fun way to end a great long weekend of riding.
  14. My son and I rode the Hunt Creek loop on Friday. I was really surprised at how tight and rocky the east side was! I hadn't heard anything about that loop. Second side wasn't as fun IMHO, but the east side was great. Awesome view from the one hilltop. Dave, you and I will have to ride that one. The weird part about Hunt Creek was the mix of conditions. There were several sections that looked like there had been very little traffic thru there, with overgrown brush to the point that I had branches from the surrounding greenery beating the heck out of my helmet, and struggling to see. Then there were short whooped sections with some SUPER deep whoops. Weird combination! Some fun climbs, and the degree of rocky/rooted stuff was much higher than I expected. We enjoyed it. We're going to ride Crapo Creek and Big Bear tomorrow, haven't been thru there either, should be fun and just a shade northwest of Hunt Creek.
  15. Here's mine - anodized factory rims: