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  1. XRPilot400

    smoking XR400 after mod

    I agree also that something must have been messed up when the mod was done. I have a 02 that I am getting ready to big bore and rebuild the top end on. Mine smokes also when I first start it, but this is after racing enduros with it for three years. Mine should smoke, yours shouldn't.
  2. I am trying to decide which carb to get as a replacement for the stocker. My biggest complaint with the stocker is hard starting after dumping it. The sales literature says the Mikuni makes starting easier, flooding out harder, and power output higher. Is this true or just BS. Any info on the Edelbrock would be helpful too, I just don't know much about them. I ride enduros in the south at basically sea level elevation. My bike has the usual Gordon mods. Thanks
  3. XRPilot400

    2002 XR 400 Hot Start Problems

    Thanks all for the suggestions. I'll try what you advised.
  4. XRPilot400

    2002 XR 400 Hot Start Problems

    I race enduros in the Southern Enduro Riders Association. In a some of the races when the temperatures are high I sometimes have trouble starting my bike. Usually after I stall it when the motor is warm. Any suggestions. Bike is stock except for Uni filter, 160 main, 58 pilot, and other Gordon mods. Most races are close to sea level with high humidity.
  5. XRPilot400

    Fork Height in Triple Clamps?

    Thanks very much for the info. I really appreciate the help.
  6. What is the effect of raising or lowering forks in the triple clamps? How does it effect steering response, turn radius, and weight transfer to the front wheel. This question is probably too simplistic, but I am just trying to get a basic understanding of what it does. Any information would be appreciated.
  7. XRPilot400

    Enduro Computers-Which one should I get?

    Thanks for the info. This is one of the few things I have been serious about in a long time. I know that ICO has a reputation of building quality products, I just wanted a little more confirmation. Again, thanks for the info. By the way you guys aren't sales reps for ICO, are you?
  8. I want to get an enduro computer, but cannot decide which one to get. I want either an ICO Checkmate or a Watchdog from Dugas Engineering. The ICO costs more, but is it worth the money. The Watchdog is less expensive but is the quality and performance good. I am good at time keeping the old fashioned way, but I have no experience with enduro computers. Any advice is appreciated.
  9. XRPilot400

    FMF Q opinions?

    I am thinking about installing a FMF Q pipe. I currently have a stock muffler with the Gordon Mods. Is it worth the cost in terms of weight savings and sound level. I am planning to run some enduros and don't want to run into trouble at the sound check. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.
  10. XRPilot400

    Where To Ride this Weekend in Louisiana?

    Thanks for the info Bandit. One place I went riding this past weekend was the Spillway by LaPlace. Some guys from the SLTrailblazers are working with the Army Corps of Engineers to make some more trails. At this time they have about 6 miles of good 1 way enduro type trails and some more non directional trails. They are also working on making their trails longer. Not a lot of trails but they are good. I'll probably be practicing there a good bit until Forest Hill opens again. They have a website at SLTrailblazers.org
  11. XRPilot400

    Where To Ride this Weekend in Louisiana?

    I was planning to ride at Forest Hill this weekend, but the latest news post from the Forest Service says the Kisatchie, Calcasieu, & Catahoula Districts will be closed due to excessive rain. It says that the Winn and Caney districts will be open to OHV use. Never been there before, are there any trails there? If not what would be a good place to practice for enduro riding. I've heard about Breezy Hill, never been there, so I don't know if is in a closed district. Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks
  12. XRPilot400

    benefits of uncorked XR400

    I am the same size as you. I just did the Gordon mods on my bike this week. The Gordon mods, to me, are fantastic. I have found a significant performance increase all around. Also remember with the Gordon mods done on a stock end cap, you can easily bring the sound level back to stock if needed. Lofting the front end over obstacles in the tight stuff is now much easier, not requiring nearly as much strength as before.
  13. XRPilot400

    Header welds

    Johnnyutah gave a good answer. One thing that I have found which works better than a Dremel is a air powered die grinder with a carbide rasp bit or rotary file. Using a Dremel can take a little more time. With a die grinder you will be done in less than 5 minutes. If your bike has the same diameter header as an XR 400 a deep socket with an outer diameter of around .938" can be used as a guide. When it will pass through the header inlet, you have ground enough. BUT AS JOHNNYUTAH SAID DON'T GRIND TOO MUCH OFF.