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  1. Duneologist

    How about a skid plate?

    Just got finished installing the Flatland radiator guard and skidplate. Skidplate was a no brainer to install and looks well built enough to take some serious abuse. Radiator guards are real nice, but triming the shrouds was a bit of a PITA. Also a very stout looking product.
  2. Duneologist

    Whats the best X manual?

    The factory service manuals have always been the best option in my experience. As long as money is no object I should say....
  3. Duneologist

    Need advice on CRF 250X Handguards

    Still have the stock Renthall bars and wondering what people are having good luck with as far as mounting full Bark Buster type handguards go. Seems I remember reading somewhere that certain guards fit well and other don't....
  4. Duneologist

    Anybody California Dual Sport an X?

    Thanks dude, that's some good info!!
  5. Duneologist

    Anybody California Dual Sport an X?

    I am relatively certain that: 1) a street licensed dual sport has access to any place a green stickered bike does 2) Once the bike has been inspected and licensed you can pull the blinkers off and use hand signals. At least you used to be able to do that. I ride a Harley also and have seen so many special construction choppers without turn signals.... Preety sure a look at the DMV rulebook would let you know what is required DOT wise for dual sporting a bike. I think the headlights need to be different and you need a brake light etc... Could be done for a lot less than $1000 specially since I already have brakelights and blinkers that would work....
  6. Duneologist

    Anybody California Dual Sport an X?

    Ah ha! That is something to look into right there, Thanks
  7. Duneologist

    Anybody California Dual Sport an X?

    They want close to $1000. I understand that you should not be able to do it in Ca, I just wish I knew what the loophole is, because I have a full set of dual sport blinkers and tail/brake like sitting in my garage and I'm handy wtih a wrench...
  8. Duneologist

    Synthetic oil or not

    Been running Chevron Dello 400 20-50 in bikes for years with excellent results. Had a buddy that was a refinery engineer contractor and he swore by Chevron saying they didn't ever cut corners on stuff, first class all the way on everything unlike all the "others". He had no ties to Chevron and no reason to lie so I took him at his word. Been running it in diesels for years too and let me tell you those big turbo's spool up and get might hot!! Synthetics are good to, but I will stick with my old reliable and change my oil and filters regularly....
  9. Duneologist

    Looking for a rear rim solution

    Want to have a paddle tire mounted on a rim for duning. Anybody know what the options are?
  10. Duneologist

    Anybody California Dual Sport an X?

    There is a company in San Jose who claims to be able to street license a 250X but they want a wad of cash to do it.