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  1. Run u4 race gas.
  2. Ya I got a 05 500af and there is nothing like it. So sweet.
  3. Get the 450r. Much better than the x for the dunes.
  4. Ya know if people don't want results don't get on the computer,because it is going to happen. Sorry
  5. Used cr 500afs hold there value very well,and are hard to find.Service honda had a clean 04 that went for like$8300.
  6. Is bubba still under contract with kawasaki?If not I bet honda will try to get him.
  7. One more.
  8. I just got a new 500af. I love the thing,for sure worth the money. Heres a pic.
  9. Is there going to be live announcing on
  10. Anyone tried rocket fuel octane booster? If so what did you think of it?
  11. I think it's around 52.
  12. I ride lot's at sand mtn utah. Get the turbo paddle with 8 paddles. It is awesome.
  13. I just cut my flap down to where it covers the shock, and the paddle does not rub it.
  14. I had a 97 cr500,now a 02 crf 450. I race all the time at sand mtn utah. Cr 500 eats the crf 450 alive, bottom line.
  15. I dont know the 450 will have more power than you'll ever need. I only weigh 160 and am constantly floored in the the dunes. Thats why I am getting the 500 af. Maybe the dunes in utah are bigger. You will have lots of fun on the 450.