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  1. sage1

    Battery Brands?

    Looks like I'll be replacing the 250X battery. The Yuasa YT5HLBS is 80.00 through the dealer and 67.00 through Service Honda. Rocky Mountain ATV has MotoPower batteries for the X and they're only 30.00. Does anyone have any experiance with the MotoPower line? Usually you get what you pay for but sometimes a small no maintenance 12v battery just may be a small no maintenance 12v battery no matter what the cost. I'm also shopping for the Motion Pro Optimizer 3 battery charger if anyone has seen them at a good price. Thanks Sage
  2. sage1

    250X Battery?

    Good idea, thanks. Sage
  3. sage1

    250X Battery?

    I left the battery in my 250X for the last few months. We had a few nice days recently and I took it out for a quick ride. Of course the battery is dead. I expected it would be but I'm surprised that after five hours on the charger it doesn't seem to hold a charge any longer. Do motorcycle batteries typically need replacing each year? Is it correct that the battery doesn't get re-charged when the engine is running? Thanks Sage
  4. sage1

    2005 CRF250R Muffler for sale

    How much did it sell for? Thanks S1
  5. Sold mine on ebay two weeks ago and got $99 plus $14 for shipping. Saw one go for 225.00 once but I had to run mine twice and 99.00 was the best I could do. S1
  6. sage1

    Stainless Oil Filter?

    I just did a search and found feedback from riders who think stainless filters are great and others that think the paper filters are better. I'm gonna have to check the K&N site and the Scott's site and compare specs...thx s1
  7. sage1

    Stainless Oil Filter?

    Are very many of you guys using the reusable stainless oil filter that's available from Scott. I was thinking about fetting them for our bikes but want to know if they really do as well filtering as the paper filters and if anyone has heard or read anything about them either inhibiting or increasing the oil flow when under pressure. Thanks S1
  8. I have a set of Unabiker Guards on our 250R & 250X. They're not only one of the strongest guards on the market, the service from Unabiker is outstanding as well and that's as important as the product itself. S1
  9. sage1

    is the crf250x loud?

    No...not even close. Even if you remove or cut the exhaust baffle it's quite a bit quieter. S1
  10. sage1

    Anybody know when the 06 450X will be available?

    I thought the front fork angle was going to change to the same as the R model. I think it was 20 degrees instead of 24...weren't there a few other changes as well. Engine mount angle, valve seat material etc... S1
  11. If you haven't already disconnected the Pink Wire doing so may smooth that out. Check out www.rickramsey.com for pics and info on how to do it. His bike is the 250X but it's the same for your 450X. S1
  12. sage1

    20 degree offset triple clamps for the X

    There's no problem with the '05 offset but the '06 X's will have the same offset at the R models. I may change the offset on our '05 X to match the R model if possible because I have a bit O trouble in the tight turns with it as well as washing out in the burms. It's really not a bike problem, it's a skill and commitment (to the turn) problem on my part...but less rake in the fron forks may help...maybe. S1
  13. sage1

    20 degree offset triple clamps for the X

    Do the BRP triple clamps (upper and lower) reduce the rake/angle of the front forks bringing the front wheel in closer to the rider? S1
  14. sage1

    20 degree offset triple clamps for the X

    What is the offset differance between the 2005 and the soon to be released 2006 250X? Press releases state that the '06 250X and 450 X will have the same angle that the R models are using. S1
  15. sage1

    I Broke the Slow Jet

    Are the bits for an EZ-Out small enough for this application? I'll check with Home Depot tonight and see if they have them. Thanks S1