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  1. I am 51 I have had a Husky since 1972. I have at this time 74 250 mag, 82 430 Auto, 93 WR360, 94 WR 610 set up for Supermoto, 2000 TE 610, 2007 TE 510 with motard set up. Looking for a 1982 CR 500 for vintage racing. I have a few others but not Huskies.
  2. I just set my 07 TE 510 up to run on the street. I put on 15/44 and it runs great it pulls strong all the way from the bottom to top end.l
  3. ddnmc

    San Fran Pics

    Did u get any pic of the flag during the opening of the races? I was in it just wanted to see what it looked like. Thanks