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  1. Shacal

    XR250L Cam in an XL250R?

    I just picked up a cheap XR250L engine to sell off as parts. My brother in law has an XL250R and i'm trying to find some information if its possible to drop the camshaft from the XR into the XL? How would this change the power delivery, would there be any technical issues? Thanks for any info
  2. You should set the decomp freeplay AFTER you set valve clearance, you say the clacking sound is from the top right side of the engine...I would bet your ass in a gay bar thats your problem, you'll only need to rotate to TDC on the comp stroke and reset the free play...2 min job, start with the simple stuff!
  3. Correction Factor Excel Spreadsheet Click on the link and save it to disk!
  4. Shacal

    Jetting for mountain touring

    Hmmmm in leu of anyone here knowing what they are talking about i'll answer my own post Many thanks to John Rushworth at http://www.motorcycle.co.uk/xr4faq for his excelent explanation on using correction factors to work out jet sizes for differing altitudes and temperatures. I seems that all I needed to do was this! CF = The sum of (1.0778-0.00111 times T = 0.000000000238554 times A times A - 0.000010777 times A) Where T is temperature in Farenheit and A is Altitude in feet. Multiply the standard jet size by the CF (Correction factor) to get the new main jet size. Round the resulting number up or down to the nearest jet size. (Honda main and slow jet sizes are numbered in increments of 2 or 3). If CF is 0.95 or below, turn the pilot screw in 1/4 turn There...that wasnt too difficult was it
  5. Shacal

    Jetting for mountain touring

    Gordon mods 60 160, riding at sea level up to about 300 feet
  6. Hi all Right, I know i'm insane but thats a different story altogether so perhaps someone would like to start a new post about that before filling this one up lol....I'm going touring on the XR4 from England to Romania crossing several mountains along the way! Question is which jets do you think should be in my kit when I go??? I'll be riding from sea level to at least 6000 feet several times up and down crossing the Austrian alps and then across the Carpathians phew....i did say i was insane to begin. Obviously at 6000 feet i'll have as much power as a monkey bike with a gorrila onboard so could do with whatever advise is going for free Thanks all....if ive missed anything vital that you need to know just ask me!
  7. Just wanted to gauge peoples thoughts on how many holes to tape up on the B&B baffle? Nice simple idea for an aftermarket baffle...works great if you bought a 2000 model XR400 and find the previous owner cut the spark arrestor off Grrrrr If you havent seen one of these baffles before, take a look here http://www.bbaluminium.com/ www.dirtbikebits.com
  8. Shacal

    CR seat and tank for XR400?

    When i said big ruts i meant like four or five feet deep, I cant stand on the pegs as I get my boots caught up!!! It's paddle time for me when I hit that stuff and getting as far up the tank as possible is sometimes the only way. Seat foam aint gonna do the job unless its about six inches thick and levels the seat and tank like the aloop kit does. Giving up the XR is also not on the agenda...I love it too much for that...goes anywhere...does anything...no mountain high enough and all that Guys, all I need to know is whether the tank and seat mountings are the same as on the CR or if they can be modified to fit? No offence but please no more "maybe's" or "probably's" you either know or you dont! Thanks for the comments so far though
  9. Shacal

    CR seat and tank for XR400?

    Thanks for the info, thats exactly my problem...slipping back when sitting on top of the tank. I ride a lot of REALLY deep ruts and like to get as far forward as i can but I just find myself slipping back all the time....maybe i should velcro myself on LOOOOL Anyone else got any suggestions or knows for sure if the cr tank and seat will fit???
  10. Shacal

    400 Starting recommendations

    I tried all those wierd and wonderful ways to start an XR cold.....none of them worked for me (might do for you though) All I do is turn up the idle about one full turn...starts in 2 to 3 kicks, the other day it was -2 here and being England pretty damp LOL. You can chuck another carb on if you like but IMHO a total wate of money unless your going to push the bike 110% racing.
  11. I've been looking at the Aloop seat and tank for m XR400 and the advert says it is "CR Style". Question is does anyone know if the seat and tank from a CR would fit straight on??? Over here in England the Aloop kit comes in at a cool £350 thats about $640 for anyone that wants a laugh Like hell i'm paying that much if I can just buy the parts and graphics seperately for cheaper....oh no it wont say Aloop on it Well here's hoping someone here has a CR and an XR
  12. While the document in the following link only concerns England/Wales (I think Scotland are covered by different laws so forgive me if i'm wrong) the information should be a warning to all about fighting to keep the lanes that are legaly used by vehicles open! What the document basicly says is that most of the lanes (if not all eventualy) will be reclassified so we can no longer ride there...it seems the decision has been made TRF Homepage The article entitled "Dishonesty wins the day" DEFRA Consultation Document (116k) A direct link to the document
  13. Shacal

    RFVC Engine noise?

    Thanks for the advice guys, it's not valve or any other noise i've heard from an engine before. It's a high pitched tinkling sound like a piece of metal is vibrating....almost like a small bell ringing really! It happens at higher speeds 40+ Mph on road, i've gotta say there is so much going on when i'm offroad that I can't say i've noticed it there Again thanks for your comments!
  14. Shacal

    RFVC Engine noise?

    Is it normal for the RFVC engines to make a tinkling/ringing noise? The reason I ask is that I just bought a XR400 and noticed it makes exactly the same noise as my brother in law's XL250. It's not an alarming noise, I just wondered if it is a characteristic of the engine configuration.
  15. Shacal

    Where do you fit your battery?

    Thanks, I was lead to believe that because the lights were powered by the battery a regulator/rectifier was all that was needed to then charge the battery??? To me that makes sense, can you explain why a new stator is required? Is there not enough power from the stator to charge the battery? Does the reg/rec not step down the voltage to a managable level to charge the battery and dispose of extra power via heat exchange? Help me guys....i'm trying to understand...honest Thanks again, by the way I live in England to save people posting places to purchase a new stator in the states.