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  1. gsa102

    CRF150R Exhaust: What's Loud?

    Property owners don't complain about bikes they can't hear, less sound keeps riding ground open.
  2. gsa102

    te150 for sale...for cheap should I go for it?

    I just bought one for my son to race, but he is 160 lbs. The one we got is well carbureted and won't just flame out like a four stroke. It has a lot of top end power but not a lot of low end for someone of your (or my) size. More low end than a 125 but clearly not as much as a 250 or 250F, which I think might be better for you. Your location comes up as Colorado, so power loss due to elevation would be another consideration. But it is light and quick and fun to ride if you can keep the rpms up.
  3. gsa102

    What happend with the broken yamahas?

    Thanks for making my point. I like estart but trust with some parts diminishes the further you get from the truck. Ever stall in deep mud? Or between two hillclimbs where it is too steep to push it up the grade? Yeah, just bump start it. Batteries are expensive and don't get replaced when they should. (crf450R battery is $350 aftermarket) No one changes their $100 car battery early, they get changed when they fail. Watch a dead engine start quad race. In most of the races I have seen at least one has to be jumped or pushed off the line. The chase riders carry battery packs and use them frequently. We will be seeing more and more push crews for the bikes as the kickers disappear.
  4. gsa102

    crf150rb Timing

    I would think the intake opens first as the piston draws down. The cam sprocket can't be put on wrong, the holes are off center and both won't line up if wrong.
  5. Barica and Ferrandis Both DNF'd their mains when running close to the front. Was it a starter issue or something else? I question the wisdom of e start only bikes. Simply put, they don't always work and there isn't always a buddy there with a battery pack. No other top riders were shown with a mechanical DNF.
  6. gsa102

    CRF150rb does not have power on wot

    Weird, usually the low end/pilot jet. Did someone take the TPS sensor (thing with wires) off the carb when it was cleaned? It would need to be recalibrated or it would throw the spark timing off.
  7. gsa102

    2008 stuck in neutral

    Check the lever for adequate play / cable slack. Can be hard to feel the right adjustment sometimes. The clutch basket and pressure plate wear quickly if the clutch is allowed to slip a lot (where the frictions ride). They may need to be replaced also. The pressure plate is no too expensive, you may want to start with just that. There is not a lot of tolerance for wear in this clutch setup.
  8. gsa102

    Need some title help, NY ME MA Yamaha WR250R '17

    Vermont will do a transferable "moped" registration for bikes under 300cc. Taxes would only be due on the amount on the bill of sale or the book value, whichever is more. They do not need an MSO, (and I wouldn't show it unless you had proof of taxes paid on the MSRP). That can be converted into a title by the buyer and should cost you much less. There are title services in other states that go that route but they charge a fee (about $150) to do what you can do yourself. Might be worth a drive. I am considering using a title service myself.
  9. gsa102

    Need some title help, NY ME MA Yamaha WR250R '17

    Not if the MSO is not in your name. It cannot be transferred to a second owner. I couldn't get insurance for a 17 Husky we just bought through my regular company without the title. Another company would with a bill of sale but it took some time to get them to say so definitively. And FYI, if the insurance company asks if you race it, say NO. A yes ends the conversation about purchasing insurance. A bike shop here will NOT take a trade without the title, and it does affect the resale value. I would have to pay taxes on the MSRP in OH (8% in Cleveland) to get a title in the PO's name, and again on the resale price in PA (6%) to get the title in my name. Over a grand in taxes and fees. I would have walked away but it was the only 150 2t bike I could find already set up for my kid to race (new or used). The new ones need a lot of work to be competitive. And I plan to keep it for a long time until both kids outgrow it.
  10. A titanium plate on your collarbone from a carb hiccup on a jump face or landing will cost about $9,000 installed. My son has one from over-riding his suspension setup. There are places to go cheap and some that don't make sense. But for my old trail ridden KDX, it might be worth a try.
  11. gsa102

    CRF250X Tight Valves

    New valves would be very reliable and valuable to the buyer, shimmed ones not so much.
  12. gsa102

    Crf150rb no power on wot

    Are you saying the bike reaches full rpm without bogging? A plugged exhaust (like a plugged spark arrestor) will make it fall flat. Can you feel crisp exhaust pulses coming out of the muffler? It is not unheard of that a rag was left in the exhaust on reassembly. Or that a mouse crawled in and died. Did it run fine after the rebuild? Maybe verify the valve timing? Or the flywheel spun and altered the ignition timing? Typically I would not expect an 07 to idle easily, or have a "great and powerful bottom end" with normal timing.
  13. gsa102

    2008 stuck in neutral

    Hard to tell if it was burned that badly. When the steel plates warp, the clutch tends to drag instead of getting a good release. Take it apart and if they are discolored from heat the steel plates should definitely be changed. Or lay them on a flat surface, and if you can get your fingernail under them easily they are warped. They should be hard to pick up if they are flat. Soak your new frictions in transmission oil overnight before installing.
  14. gsa102

    The best aftermarket air take for dirt bikes

    We race 150R's and I do feel there is a performance benefit with a loudmouth air filter on that carb/engine setup. I think it helps responsiveness. Another benefit not mentioned is that you know it is installed properly. IMO it is difficult to get the stock setup seated properly. On the blue and green bikes, it is much easier to get the air filter in correctly.
  15. You need to weigh the trailer and compare it to the weight capacity on the tag on the front. That will tell you how much weight you can carry per the manufacturer. Don't forget that drinks, propane, food, and clothes also add weight. That is what the DOT would check if you were pulled over. Otherwise it would be pretty straightforward. The big concern would be keeping the water out. I would use a steel frame for the door to ensure a good seal. I have slept in an enclosed trailer, they draw damp worse than sleeping outside. And take the bikes out when you get there and you don't need a partition wall.