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  1. LEllis7motox

    Hinson Clutch - Purpose of each component?

    Well, I managed to grab a complete hinson billet clutch assembly for $500 new including the clutch cover, however I could use the money more than parts I do not necessarily need. I definitely want to keep the clutch basket, plates, and springs, but what benefit would I gain using the inner hub and pressure plate as well rather than selling them with the cover? This is for a 2013 KX450F with quite a bit of abuse on the stock clutch, strictly motocross. Thanks for any help guys, I know that the hinson clutch baskets are tough and won't groove like my previous stock Kawi ones do, but I am unsure of the benefits of the other components exactly.
  2. I am transferring down south to either Clemson University or The University of South Carolina in the Fall and was wondering if there are any motocross tracks near those schools? I would like to try and bring my bike with me and keep it in storage but here in NY the riding/racing season is generally May-September which is mostly when the school year is over. I am assuming the riding season down there is a bit longer correct? Any district or racing series websites for SC I can check out? Thanks to anyone who responds in advance, just trying to check out my riding options down there!
  3. LEllis7motox

    Indiana Bench Racing

    Announcers answered my questions, B class had a dry track before the A class went out.
  4. LEllis7motox

    Indiana Bench Racing

    The qualifying times are all sorts of crazy... http://vurbmoto.com/blogs/fast-laps-ironman/21096/ Tomac with an almost 10 second faster lap time than second? Privateers running faster laps than most of the factory guys? Guess the factory boys weren't feeling the mud, maybe just focusing on track layout.
  5. LEllis7motox

    2014 MEC Track Picture

    Pretty sure it has been said that there will be a Joker lane, but it is a shortcut this year.
  6. I cant seem to find the gaps, but disregarding the 3-4 elite 450 guys, what was the gap between say 5th and 20th in the premier class?
  7. LEllis7motox

    Did Dungey cut a deal with

    He said himself he was fading and cut out all the extra activites (surfing, gold, whatever) and has been trying to spend more time resting hoping to get the ball rolling again...
  8. LEllis7motox

    Unadilla Bench Racing

    Great racing in person! I never understood what the big craze was about CP377 being this "ultra smooth" rider, watching him on TV it never showed. But after watching him today, even though he wasn't the fastest, I see it now. After moto 1 tomac said in his interview that he was not comfortable with the rear end of the bike at all in the ruts, which is why he couldn't run the pace. He said he was pushing it in the beginning but wasn't comfortable at all riding at those speeds and backed down... and he DID post the fastest lap of the race. I hope these new KYB forks do the trick for trey and we have a new more consistant front runner coming out. I was dissapointed with Hampshires performance, he looked to be majorly struggling with ruts compared to everyone else. Even went down twice right in front of me from the ruts, still had a decent moto 1 finish.
  9. LEllis7motox

    Unadilla a Predictions

    Dungey got smoked the last 2 years at Unadilla and was stuck battling with Barcia, I don't think its his strong track. Eli overall, dungey 2nd, roczen 3rd. Roczen is usually strong at Dilla, but I hope dungey is faster!
  10. LEllis7motox

    Millville Bench Racing.

    Completely insane speeds up front and battle for the lead
  11. LEllis7motox

    Brett Cue, Washougal?

    That 1:13 whip
  12. LEllis7motox

    Millville Bench Racing.

    Martin takes the 250 overall at his hometrack. Not a fan, but I think stewart is going to get a moto win today... or crash in the rollers. 94 with overall
  13. LEllis7motox

    List your dirt bike injuries in here ;

    So which was the worst? My short list: crushed finger fractured T-10 vertebrae sprained wrist broken clavicle on thursday Just turned 19, hoping this one heals quick I am already eager to be riding!
  14. LEllis7motox

    13 kxf 450

    Is it worth spending the $500 on the new triple clamps? Here in new york the motocross tracks are rocky, hard, rutted, and rough like Unadilla and from my understanding going to a 21.5 increases turning ability but will decrease stability in braking bumps and rough stuff... Yet most people swear by the 21.5 triple clamps
  15. LEllis7motox

    2014 OTD prices?

    Here check this out for a good comparison of the brands from IMO the only honest magazine out there... they seem to actually tell it how it is and point out flaws. http://motocrossactionmag.com/bike-tests/yamaha-tests/2014-mxa-450-four-stroke-shootout-the-easiest-to-read-and-most-accurate-shootout-youll-ever-read-2 I have a 2013 kx450f (basically same as 14') and it is an awesome bike. The only complaints you will find about these bikes are the brakes (all the japanese bikes seem to have weak brakes but they dont bother me) and some people not liking the reliability of the air fork but once I swapped out the OEM fork seals for some SKF ones I have never had a problem, at about 60 hours on the bike of motocross with all stock engine - still starts first kick.