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  1. IVDesertRat

    New Neighbor Hates Bikes

    I HAD a neighbor like that. I finally had enough of his BS and I told him to go **** himself. Haven't talked to him since nor has he to me in 4 years, it's been great. Whenever I see him he doesn't even exist......wonderful. I am finished negociating with IDIOTS. I need more acreage.......hahaha.
  2. IVDesertRat

    Powermadd handguards

    I had some Cycra MX Shields and those things are crap. Get something with an aluminum bar across the hands that is attached to the handlebars. If your drop it or hit something of significance (Metal sign) they will protect you. Something like this: http://www.rockymountainatv.com/productDetail.do;jsessionid=48A3B0101F22D7C97A54913619840D8E.webrmatv?prodFamilyId=9547&navTitle=Control&webCatId=12&pageLinkUri=&vehicleType=&webTypeId=191&navType=type
  3. IVDesertRat

    my first dirt bike

    1. Start the bike and let it warm up. 2. Stomp down hard on the rear brake lever. 3. Pull in the clutch. 4. Put it in first gear. 5. Roll the throttle back all the way until the engine sounds like it's going to explode. 6. Let off the clutch and the rear brake lever at the same time 7. Have fun.
  4. IVDesertRat

    New way to install grips w/o glue

    All of my buddies and I still use spray paint and it works great. Worked great 25 years ago and works great now. $7.00 for a small tube of glue....no thanks. I have 20 cans of spray paint in my garage and have a several years supply of grip adhesive.
  5. IVDesertRat

    Water Pump Seal??

    How do you know it's just the shaft and seal and not the waterpump?
  6. IVDesertRat

    450X - Weight Lose 16.16

    I am interested in hearing why you switched from the KTM 525EXC to the 450X? I have a 2003 CRF450R and am thinking about the above bikes but am leaning toward the X. All three of my riding buddies ride the KTM. Thanks.
  7. IVDesertRat

    What is the best deal going for sprockets???

    Did you get a free bowl of soup when you bought that helmet?
  8. IVDesertRat

    Graphics for White Plastics

    Chills, That is a great XGX set up. Congrats for having the foresight to imagine something that might look good that actually does. The cool thing about your bile is that nobody else is going to have it. So many of these graphics kits look OK but you see them all over the place. I have some XGX Pride graphics on mine and I have yet to see another bike that looks the same as mine. I know other people have ordered them, I just haven't seen them. When I get my new bike I am going to order some custom XGX graphics. Don't worry, I won't copy you. I was thinking white plastic with RED color with red rims with polished chrome hubs???????????
  9. IVDesertRat

    450r vs. X; I know its an old topic but...

    You can make the CRF450R into a good Trail bike , just like you could do so with a 2 stroke CR250R - Heavier fly wheel , 18" rear wheel , Stabilizer , Baja Design lighting kits, $$$$$ Money is all it will take..<<<<< Sort of. I have come to the conclusion that you CANNOT make the CRF450R into the perfect trail/desert bike. 1st gear is WAY too tall and if you desert gear it it is even TALLER. This makes the bike REALLY easy to stall on steep, rocky terrain like you get down in Mexico especially around Mike's. I always thought the perfect bike would be the CRF450R with an estart, kickstand, heavier flywheel and a WR Tranny. But isn't that what the X is?? Yes the R is much lighter but after you add a Desert tank, light kit and estart it is NOT going to be lighter. It is going to weigh EXACTLY what the X weighs or more. A 3.3 gallon desert tank alone filled with gas is going to add another 8*3.3=26.4 lbs of weight with gas weighing close to H2O which is 8lb.s per gallon. There are LOTS of us in search of the PERFECT desert, trail bike but it DOESN"T exist. The KTM 525EXC is a serious contender but it too has a host of it's own problems. Suspension, handleing etc which are worse than Honda. It also has some things that are better but it is not perfect. Someday there will be the perfect trail/desert bike but right now it doesn't exist. IMHO.
  10. IVDesertRat

    Shimming my new valves.

    What is this? The Ron Hamp advertisement page? LMAO.
  11. IVDesertRat

    RG3 linkage; does it work?

    For $450 it better work. I wonder if you could even tell the difference?
  12. IVDesertRat

    Drinking & Riding....

    Drinking and riding is better than drinking and going to Texas on a hunting trip with VP Dick Cheney. I hear Dick just invited Bill & Hillary Clinton down to Texas for a little hunting trip? 40-50 miles, linch and a 36 ounxer is fine. Just take it easy on the way back until the buzz subsides. Just about the time the buzz is gone you're back at the truck and that's when you can let er rip........
  13. How much and where to get it done in San Diego/Orange County?
  14. After a 4 day Mexico ride in October I took my bike in for a variety of things because I didn't have the time or the desire to do it. One of the things I did was to have the bike shop pull the head off and check the valve clearances which I have done every year. I have probably ridden 7 or 8 times since the tune up and last Saturday I drive out to the desert and my bike will not start. Very little compression. It must be something with the decompression release or one of the valves but I just rode it a week earlier and it was fine. I know it's hard to guess what it might be but is it customary for the valves to go out of spec so fast and cause the bike to not start in such a short time frame? I confess that I don't not know anything about the decompression system so maybe that's it. I'm just bummed because I spent over $700 to get a lot of things fixed on my bike and now this happens. One of these days I'm going to learn how to do all of this stuff. Thanks.
  15. IVDesertRat

    Synthetic engine oil -- too pricey

    were talking about the Rotella "Non-synthetic" sold at Wal-Mart, right???<<<<< Yes, It's the Shell Rotella T 15-40W in the white gallon container. It's non-synthetic. I use it for the tranny and the engine and it works fine. By yourself a stainless steel oil filter and feel free to change after every ride if you want to. I change mine every 2-3 rides. No problemo.......