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  1. epix

    Fork Oil question

    Swapping on a set of 07 RMZ250 forks that I found on eBay onto my DR65, they have decals from "Tech-Care" on them and a label showing 0.45kg springs with 375ml oil added.. the front left fork is starting to leak so I am replacing the seals and oil, but what would be the recommend oil volume for me to add? I am 210lb with all gear on, don't do any jumping or anything, mainly supermoto setup and commuting, occasionally hit up some 2-track trails so prefer a bit softer ride.
  2. epix

    Tm-40 Vs Stock? I need dyno results!

    Agreed with this, the pumper carbs make a HUGE difference.
  3. epix

    Handlebar Question

    Bought a set a of used forks/triples off of a 2007 RMZ250, plan on mounting these forks onto my DR650, but my 7/8" bars seem too be too small for the lower bar clamps. Did the '07+ RMZ come with 1-1/8" bars stock? Are there lower bar clamps available in 7/8" for the 07 style RMZ250?
  4. Hope you guys don't mind a new XR owner to the area. I'm down in Sturgis right on the IN/MI border. Picked up a XR250 (bored to 280) today.
  5. epix

    DR650(780) some problems

    Part # for the valve inspection o-ring is 11177-44B01 , you'll need 2 of them if you replace em. Also note, torque them down appropriately as the stock bolts are very week! I broke mine pretty easily over torquing it and had to pull out the bolt-out kit Grrr. If it is truly leaking from the bottom part of the cylinder head you might need a new head gasket; 11141-32E00 (less than $30) If not leaking from the valve cover inspection cap nor the base of the cylinder head then it is a gap between the cylinder head and valve cover, in that case put down a fresh bead of hi-temp RTV.
  6. epix

    780 Kit + big valve head installed!! video!!

    get a chance to ride it yet? Did you do a cam as well?
  7. epix

    lets hear about your sweet deals!

    '97 DR650 - 9K miles, super duper clean, $1500+ in receipts from ProCycle, spare 40F0 muffler and bunch of other spare parts, paid $1400 for the bike and all parts Sun supermoto wheels, sprocket, EBC 320mm brake kit, Michelin Pilot tires, Kenda K270 tires - $800 Cogent rear shock scored for $250 on ADV Another ADV find; Ricor Intimidators, FMF PowerBomb Headerpipe, ProCycle fork springs, all for $100 Latest score off craigslist, complete engine/gearbox from a '98 DR650 for $150 (no pics of that)
  8. epix

    opinions - most comfotable seat...

    I have the Seat Concepts, haven't tried out any others but I do know that on the stock seat I could barely handle 30 minutes.. on this seat I can ride it hours on end and not get too sore.
  9. epix

    alright guys lets see ur dr's! put up some pics!

    My '96 on a recent trip of M-22 in Michigan.
  10. epix

    Blinkers and foot pegs

    I have stock ones off my 96. I cut the wire a bit for the signals but they still work, just splice them into your wiring. PM me an offer. Have the stock pegs as well. -Pete
  11. epix

    Which saddle bags ?

    Just got a set of Wolfman E-10 saddlebags, they are pretty small but don't require racks and great for the short trips.
  12. epix

    G#$%D$%& chain roller (DR650)

    Have 20K miles on my bike and it's still amazingly there.
  13. epix


    Sent u a pm. Ill take it. Paypal?
  14. epix


    interested, what jets are installed and come with it? does it have the leak jet?
  15. epix

    Keihin 39mm FCR-MX Install, DR650

    Anyone know the fuel line and vent line diameters? The fuel line looks to be 5/16" ID but not positive.. would a 1/4" ID work?