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  1. How do I do a leak down test on my 08 yzf450?
  2. the smoke is white and goes away after first warm up start.
  3. how hard is it to replace valve seals in a 05 and does anyone have step by step pics. bike smokes when first started
  4. good stuff, thanks
  5. How about the motor did they also make changes to it
  6. how much better is the 05 than 03 and 04 did they make many changes
  7. I know it drains but this is to fast
  8. It does fill it up after running but it doesn't stay there long. somethings wrong. My other 03 yzf250 doesn't do that. when I change the oil all kinds of oil comes from the frame bolt on one bike but none from this one it all comes from the motor bolt
  9. I don,t know for sure, ten or twenty minutes. But it didn't use to do thie before rebuild
  10. I had the motor out and rebuilt and now after you run the bike and check the oil it reads good but after a little while I check it again and then it has ran back into the motor. this isn't right it should stay in the frame it does on my other bike my question is: the oil lines from the frame to the motor were off, could there have been a ball bearing in one of the lines to slow the oil down or a chuck valve that might of gone bad? need help
  11. I My friend wants to get a complete rear wheel set up to put a paddle Does any body know what year cr125 will fit, I'm sure the crf250 04 will fit. I see some adds saying that a 450 rim will fit but that seems weird because it takes a bigger tire, what else will fit?
  12. I broke the rod in my 03 yzf250 and it messed up the crank pretty bad also. I wanted to get a hot rod crank kit but it seems they don't have it. Is there a kit out there and who has it. Thanks
  13. I broke the rod in my 03 yz250f and I was going to get a hot rod kit for it, but I found that they don't make it for that bike. Who does make a complete crankshaft and rod and how can I get a hold of them. Thanks