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  1. ilove2wheels

    3x3 air box

    O.K. I'm new here. What is this 3x3 air box I keep reading about? Thanks in advance.
  2. ilove2wheels

    extended shfter

    http://www.malcolmsmith.com part #07-0758 1" longer. $28.25 Works great for us guys with big feet.
  3. ilove2wheels

    CFC case shields?

    Thank you all for the great input. I will be ordering both this weekend. With these responses, I have another question.I noticed some of you are running 6.0 springs, what other settings on the shock are you using and what are the rider weights? I'm trying to get my stocker dialed in.
  4. ilove2wheels

    CFC case shields?

    Does anyone have any thoughts on using either the CFC case shields or the White Bros. skid plate on a DRZ400? I ride in very rocky conditions and I am considering using both if necessary. Thank you in advance