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  1. Hey everyone, so my brother went out and bought himself a beautiful YZ250F. the bike is immaculate and barely a scratch on it. it has a brand new wiseco piston in it, FMF Powercore 4 exhaust, and even Hot Cam, but we are having some trouble with it. the bike is just gutless. it has some bottom end oomph but tops out at about 50km if that and idles all over the place. i know we have some carb issues too because the bike did sit but i was looking for suggestions as far as jets go. i don't know whether to go with stock jets or different ones. we do mainly trails but we do hit some tracks from time to time. heres all the info you should need. Timing (WR-YZ): YZ Airbox lid (on or off): Off Pipe: FMF Powercore 4 Altitude where you ride: 0-about 2000ft above sea level tops. Temperature where you ride: anywhere from 0*C all the way up to 35*C So please send me some suggestions because i don't want to order some jets and find out the bikes not getting enough fuel or getting too much. thanks in advance, -Wes
  2. alright well at the moment i'm looking at this tank - http://www.clarkemfg.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=31_3&products_id=229 its a yz tank but its pretty much what i'm looking for. and also my buddy has a seat off of an 2000 YZ250 2-stroke and i was wondering if that would work cause he said i could have it if it does. and as far as the shrouds go, aren't the yzf and wr shrouds the same? thanks, -Wes
  3. hello everyone, i have a 1999 WR400 as you could probably guess:p anyway I have been having quite a bit of trouble with my fuel tank lately. its just getting old and dried out and is cracking all over the place. it started with 1 crack and now its up to 5. I've tried jb welding it but that didn't work so I've melted it together for the time being but its not a good fix. i need a new tank, but i personally don't want to go Yamaha because there tanks suck and are much more expensive. but i don't really know what other aftermarket tanks i could go with. i think there's acerbis, ims, and clarke but most of the ones i have seen say i need a yzf seat and shrouds and i dont want to go replacing all that crap if i don't have to. also i don't want to get a hugeee tank, something not much bigger than stock would be fine by me. so please, recommend a tank for me and give me a link to the tank. riding season has already started and i don't want to miss out more than i already have:( thanks, -Wes.
  4. Kenda Trak Master II is what i would recommend for both front and rear. a buddy of mine has been using them for years on his enduro bike and he loves them, and he got me hooked on em. they are great on road because of the tread pattern they don't have alot of vibrations. and off road they are amazing. they hook up on everything. i cant really tell you how long they last but I've gotten a full season of riding on mine so far and the fronts still at 95% and the rears at about 90% tread. but i try to keep it off road -Wes
  5. Wow, glad to see the rest of the people on here are so helpful. personally i use Shell's Rotella T 15W40. its relatively cheap and has kept my bike running right. and im sure once you get to actually go out and try the 400 the 4stroke will start to grow on yah:) -Wes
  6. first ride of the season, but theres going to be many man manyyy more videos to come- -Wes
  7. okay i was planning on doing the grey wire mod to my 99 WR400, but i have a problem. there's 3 sets of wires coming out of the CDI box. 2 of the sets go to a 6 prong connector. the last one goes to a 2 prong connector so i'm pretty sure that's the one i have to use. it has a grey wire and a black wire with a white stripe on it. but here's the dilemma. the connector goes in with 1 grey wire and 1 black like i said but on the other side of the connector, only the black wire comes out. the hole where the grey wire goes in has no wire in it but has a plug in it. so what do i do, did someone already do the mod? do i still have to pull the grey wire? or did it come stock with the wire pulled? here's what the connector going in looks like- and here's what it looks like on the other side- -Wes
  8. well are you sure you had enough oil? that's the first thing to check because lack of oil could seize her right up. another thing is i had the exact same thing happen to me, i was givin er and she lucked up out of nowhere, and wouldn't start for nothing. so i took it home and checked over the whole motor and everything was in spec and didnt change anything. so since it was all apart i took apart the carb and cleaned it up and blew out all the jets and put the carb back in and she started 3rd kick. there must have been a spec of dirt in the carb or something. all it takes is a tiny tiny tiny spec of dirt and the bike wont run. so i suggest cleaning the carb out and seeing if that makes a difference. -Wes
  9. ive had that happen to me. i found that the spring at the bottom of the decomp lever at the motor had spun around and wasn't doing its job, i just repositioned it back to where it was supposed to be and it fixed it. also i recommend taking your carb off and going jet by jet, and hole by hole blowing them out with a compressor, because its always a good idea to clean them because even the tiniest spec of dirt can have a huge effect with carbs. they're very sensitive. -Wes
  10. hey man, welcome to the forum. its a pretty damn good looking bike if you ask me, alot less rough then my 400 was:p and im liking that yellow number plate, never seen that before it looks good. -Wes
  11. yes that is correct, that is the overflow tank for the radiator fluid. -Wes
  12. cant really help you on the oil part but i would suggest instead of buying a crap ton of throw away filters, just buy a steel re-usable filter - http://www.cheapcycleparts.com/products/1242-pc-racing-pc141-oil-filters-pc-racing-flo-stainless-steel-oil-filter . thats what i run and they work great and super easy to clean. -Wes
  13. hey everyone, ive been doing some work on the 99 WR400, and when i was riding it earlier i noticed that the bike was bogging a bit off the line so i went to clean my carb and when i opened the AP i noticed that the diaphragm was quite rusted and looked really rough, and like it wasnt doing its job. so i decided that im going to rebuild the AP. i was wondering if someone could tell me which one of these diaphragm's should i order? - http://www.cheapcycleparts.com/products/634949-yamaha-5jg-14940-17-00-hard-parts-diaphragm-assy?comment=AP http://www.cheapcycleparts.com/products/681670-yamaha-5jg-14940-18-00-hard-parts-diaphragm-assy?comment=STD http://www.cheapcycleparts.com/products/681671-yamaha-5jg-14940-19-00-hard-parts-diaphragm-assy?comment=AP . also since im replacing the diaphragm should i get a new spring while im at it? and is there anything else i need or should replace? thanks, -Wes
  14. well over the past 2 days ive done a crap ton of stuff to the ol 400. i got a long overdue oil change in, patched the tube twice since th old man decided to pinch the tube as we were putting it in the first time, got the dampening adjusted on the front and read shocks and it made a huge difference, i had to rewire the rear light since the grey plastic they cover the wires with broke and filled with mud then hardened and the wires broke that was an adventure, then bled the brakes and topped them up, then fixed the broken rear fender and now it no longer flaps in the wind, then put a new bolt in for the exhaust and some never seiize on it same with the exhaust clamp. it was a busy few days but after i got all that done a went for a quick boot and its running better then ever. im so stoked to ride tomorrow. -Wes
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