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  2. heresa lil vidd of me on the dry lake bed
  3. probably breathed a lil water in
  4. does anyone know where i can get a high compression piston for my xr50 ? i have a takegawa 88cc kit with a stock head
  5. yup mod class am class might race stock class also
  6. how wide do u want ?
  7. wheres the cook out g onna be what city / state im down to enter
  8. anyone racing in the race at the orleans in vegas ? i sent t he paperwrk in waitin for conformation what are u guys setups
  9. shinko makes the widest tires out there i love mine
  10. what head are u using ? what cam ? what piston part #? what gas ? and what cdi are u using ? and what jet are u running ?
  11. i would call and double check part #s and pull the head and take pics of the head and piston and post em so we can get a look
  12. which piston did u get from them all the 1s i saw u need a 70 head for ur piston might be tapping the edge of the head
  13. what piston did u install and is it a bore kit ? is it stock jettng or did u change when u did the piston?
  14. heres pics of my project drag swing arm
  15. i havent installed my parts but they shipped very fast and product looks goood