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  1. JCGill

    Ex-supercross cr250r. Not running right?

    Just skimmed the replies so maybe you covered this..... but are you running VP C-12 fuel like Robbies notes say to? If not that is your first problem......
  2. JCGill

    CR250 still smoking after rebuild

    Could be a number of things.... What color is the smoke? White and sweet smelling is a sign of coolant. If it seems to be normal 2 stroke smoke you are referring to: Did you recently change your Fuel brand or octane? Oil mix brand? mixing ratio?
  3. JCGill

    Cr250 frame polishing

    Basically, wetsand with 300 then 500 then 1000 grit sand paper then use a buffer with metal polish or a lot of elbow grease and some Mothers Mag/Aluminum polish on a terrycloth towel.
  4. JCGill

    where can I find a cr500 motor

    Odds are you will have to buy a Steel framed CR500, pull the engine and sell the rolling chassis. Unless you are willing to pay a premium for an OEM crate engine from honda; in which case the guys at Service Honda will gladly hook you up.
  5. JCGill

    Mint 2000 CR250 steal

    Sorry to disappoint, but i agree with everyone else....Just to echo what everyone else said.....Shiny plastic and graphics don't make a bike mint. The sides of the cases not having 275 hours of boot rub would impress me more than a $100 new plastic kit. The chassis looks tired in the pics...
  6. JCGill

    Bought 2007 CR 250R....the build begins!

    All that Ti hardware and especially the pegs are beautiful! I'm gonna say it now, nicest CR on thumpertalk, and probably the world! Your attention to detail is second to none...awesome build
  7. JCGill

    CL ad of the day !

    Larocco always had Factory Connection Suspension in the last decade of his career or longer.....why does this bike have ohlins??? He cant even spell Larocco right..... And i have never seen a HRC bike "murdered out" with black side panels and shrouds......so they must have missed that little detail during the "recent overhaul to HRC specs" Lol Craigslist is always good for a laugh!
  8. JCGill

    Bought 2007 CR 250R....the build begins!

    Awesome build and thread! Love to see someone build up a bike and not cut any corners! Plus i LOVE Ti also!
  9. JCGill

    Back in the game 2001 cr250 rebuild

    It is normal for the rear fender to "wag" back and fourth while the bike is idling...The AL frames produce alot of vibration compared to a steelie....Honda seemed to make each generation frame less harsh and vibrate less. Back when AL frames first came out aftermarket companies made big rubber dampening plugs that people were putting inside their handlebars to dampen the vibrations that the AL frames produced. Your bike sounds healthy when you blip the throttle, so i would tend to think that the bottom end is good; plus you said there was no play in the con rod. If you take the bike off the stand, you should feel less vibration (with the tires on the ground.) PS: This was an awesome build thread! Now go enjoy the fruits of your labor!
  10. JCGill

    Back in the game 2001 cr250 rebuild

    Hard to tell from the videos how bad its vibrating, but i know the Gen1 and 2 Aluminum framed CR's would vibrate much worse than the Gen3's. I had a 1998 CR250 (Gen1 frame) that the 3 bolts holding the subframe to the main frame would vibrate out in the course of 1 moto, until i put thread locker on them...
  11. JCGill

    Reed choices - OEM or aftermarket?

    OEM reeds get my vote. I was not impressed with Boyeseen reeds when i tried them on a 1998 CR 125 i had several years ago.
  12. JCGill

    Which color plastic with this graphic pattern?

    OEM Red is my choice also. The only non oem color i like is white. Black is just too "freestyle" in my opinion.
  13. JCGill

    Fmf graphics

    Yes, i did find them. I have 2 sets of shroud graphics. They are FMF fast graphics and are for 00-01 CR according to the label on the package. They are made by N-style. They originally came with shroud graphics and swingarm stickers, but i used the swingarm decals on my previous bikes. I would be willing to sell them, as i have a 2006 CR now, and they wont fit....pm me your contact info and we can figure somthing out.
  14. JCGill

    ktm sx/cr500 hybrid

    That Donnie Emler bike is really nicely done!
  15. JCGill

    best engine cleaner product

    Another vote for Shout....Do not use simple green, it will dull all the metal and anodized finishes on your bike and fork tubes etc. If the case has oxidation and baked on mud and bad staining a wire brush/green scotchbrite pads/wd40 will shine it up really nice too.