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  1. fjw

    Fork question

    01ktm 400 exc wp43 forks. Are they cartridge? When I remove the bolt from the bottom of the fork leg , should the rod be attached to it or should it come right out?
  2. fjw

    150 setup

    what is the setting for rear sag on a crf 150?
  3. fjw

    150 flywheel

    Anyone have specs on turning down the flywheel on a 150?
  4. fjw


    I need a fuel tank for a crf 150
  5. fjw

    ttr carb up grade

    Would a cr 80 carb work on the ttr 125? Does anyone know if it is the same as a yz 80?
  6. Has anyone used an fmf powerbomb header pipe? How does it work? <font color="orange">