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  1. Jaketinaboxer

    Don't buy a DR650. Catastrophic failure.

    i've been watching his ranting on facebook too. like i told him there. Nobody replaces an entire bike on a warranty issue.
  2. Jaketinaboxer

    Case cover and Oil filter guard review

    Just published a new review on a set of case guards and oil filter cover for the dr/drz. The link shows pics of my damaged case, the repair and install/review of a set of case guards from AMP. I do not work for them, this is an independent review. Hope you enjoy. http://www.spiritstrike.com/gear/2014/11/24/amp-aluminum-case-guards
  3. Jaketinaboxer

    Second Thoughts About Dual Sport

    I have to disagree with people saying a dual sport isnt' fun in the city. Urban riding is a blast, stairs, sidewalks, alleys. Not to mention you could simply buy the motard edition of some of the bikes and it will do anything the dirt version will. Then if you want to take a weekend out in the woods simply swap wheels with a spare ebay set.
  4. Jaketinaboxer

    Rear tire DR 650

    Yes, they put tubeless on them for insurance. They used to say not to run a "tubeless" tire with a tube because it would build up heat from the tube rubbing on the inside of the tire. I've always just ran them with no problems. I would bet there has never been a recorded problem running them with a tube.
  5. Jaketinaboxer

    Rear tire DR 650

    i picked up the rear from the local cycle gear,*had to order it* But i can't remember the price. I took it on a couple dual sport rides, and got it stuck in a nice creek bottom, but it handled nicely. Only problem was i usually ran a true knobby on the front so it was a little sketchy. Over all i liked the tire, it would be less than worthless in deep sand if you lost momentum, but other than that it was more than i could have wished for especially for the price.
  6. Jaketinaboxer

    Big Mess with Paperwork

    in oklahoma its called a title 51. basically you put a lein on the title, or you go through the process or pay someone to advertise the bike in the notices section of the paper, then after a couple weeks its yours.
  7. Jaketinaboxer

    Rear tire DR 650

    I love my shinko 700 on my drz
  8. Jaketinaboxer

    reliability of starting?

    Sometimes mine won't start with the button and i need to give it a kick or two. Then it starts right up.
  9. Jaketinaboxer

    Throttle Cable Catching on Stock Odometer Mount

    Try re routing the cables, the new ktm bikes have the cables that go in on the right side of the frame, they never go near the tripples.
  10. Jaketinaboxer

    Powder Coat Rims?

    You can, but you will need to remove the spokes, and then have them re laced. I don't suggest it, because every bit of weight you add to your wheels is a ton of resistance on the bike.
  11. Jaketinaboxer

    Good CR250 Rider

    Good riding, bad camera man.
  12. Jaketinaboxer

    Which Go Pro to buy?

    I thought you could use the add ons on the 960? I've ran it in 60fps, and its not really enough frames to be considered a slow motion camera, it just will smooth out a section of video that you slow down in the video editing process. It really doesn't add much to the video quality.
  13. Jaketinaboxer

    Which Go Pro to buy?

    i have the 1080, never use it. I always use 720 at 30 fps. Get the 960 and save some money. unless you just need the 60 fps that the 1080 has.
  14. Jaketinaboxer

    Rich? Lean? or Normal?

    a bike doesn't hold an rpm because of too much fuel. It does it because of the throttle plate still being open. When you rev your bike it opens the throttle plate, it doesn't just add fuel without air. If you add fuel without air (witch is what some of you are saying is happening) you would just have a bike that idles down, but is rich. My bet is you have a stuck throttle cable.
  15. Jaketinaboxer

    Got nailed by a Rock!

    The turkey was funnier