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  1. phreakingeek

    4TH Annual TT Hillbilly Trail Ride Announcement

    Howdy Y'all! I hope to get there again this year...but it's been a crazy year already, so schedule might not work out. I sure do love to ride those trails though...
  2. phreakingeek

    RIP-"The Gitch" aka Rich Horstmeyer

    In case anyone would like to send something, please call: Bruce Funeral Home 106 S Center St Gardner, KS 66030 (913) 856-7111 Or Gardner Golden Goose Floral 404 E Main St Gardner, KS 66030 913-856-8400
  3. phreakingeek

    RIP-"The Gitch" aka Rich Horstmeyer

    no offense, but i had to stop reading it for a while. it was tearing me up man...
  4. phreakingeek

    RIP-"The Gitch" aka Rich Horstmeyer

    I talked to him tuesday afternoon, so i believe that he passed tuesday night/wednesday morning...but it was too damn soon no matter when the hell it was.
  5. phreakingeek

    RIP-"The Gitch" aka Rich Horstmeyer

    Richie was closer than a brother to me. I didnt cry when my grandpa died...but i did today. I'm gonna miss you man.
  6. Yes, still have the edelbrock on it. But i'm not sure which needle is in it at the moment. It's the one that shipped with the carb...the rest are still in the ziploc bag that they came in. I have the knob 5 clicks 'out' from all the way 'in'...so i guess i'm trying to say that i turned it clockwise til it stopped and counted 5 clicks while turning it counter-clockwise. The accelerator pump adjustment screw was loose when i got it...and i dont believe it's set correctly either. I tightened it up to where the locknut was, but not sure if the nut was in the correct spot.
  7. I just finished up the install of the new wiseco 440 kit with an 11.5:1 compression. Previously, it was a 420 with a stage 2 hot cam and ran great with the edelbrock quicksilver pumper carb. I am running with the stock header and Gordon Mods. I did switch from my fmf silencer to the quieter stock silencer to pass the DB test at an upcoming dual sport ride. Now, it seems to run ok...but not as powerful as i had hoped. It also runs extremely hot. It's so hot that you cant hold your hand on the clutch cover very long or you'll get burned. I checked the plug and it doesnt look bad...neither wet/oily or white/ashy. Sort of dry and brown... so, the questions are: 1. where should i start with jetting? 2. do i need high octane gas? 3. why do i keep polishing a turd? many thanks if you can help answer any or all of the above questions, Jeff
  8. phreakingeek

    stuck oil drain bolt

    The oil drain bolt was stuck and the head stripped when i got this bike. I have been draining the oil via the 'long screen' bolt hole, but i recently i bought a replacement oil drain bolt and want to put it in. Anyone have an idea how to get that thing out? It's in a terible spot...right up next to the frame so you cant get a 6 point socket on it...it's too rounded off for a wrench and vise grips just slip around it.
  9. I swapped my stock fender and light to an MX style fender and CRF450X style LED light. The light seems to work if i hook up the power/ground or the switch/ground...but not both together. Any electrical guru's out there that know why that would be? It worked fine on the stock light...and i have another style of LED lights that work...just not this crfx set. thanks
  10. Just replaced the notched up stock clutch basket with a new wiesco basket. I followed the directions to remove the stock final drive gear and install it on the new basket...seemed to fit right up no prob. When i installed it, it went in just fine. It wasnt until i hooked the cable up that i realized that there was a problem. I had to loosen the cable adjusters all the way in just to be able to install it. Now, it is extremely tight and i dont have any more room in the adjusters to get my 1/8 inch of freeplay in the lever. Plus, the clutch disengages all the way out...pull the lever about 1/4 inch and it's all the way disengaged...not much room for feathering the clutch. the plates are new ebc fiber and steel, the cable is nearly new, lever is stock.
  11. phreakingeek

    2000 xr400 frame paint color ?'s

    no, it doesnt really need to be perfect...but I am just finishing up the big "XR Project" and wanted to do it up right. Project started with a broken shifter shaft... now it's a new 440 with stage 2 Hotcam, ALoop kit, Edelbrock Pumper, and all new linkage/swingarm/wheel bearings.
  12. phreakingeek

    2000 xr400 frame paint color ?'s

    Does anyone know of a paint that matches the ol xr's factory silver? I looked up the color listed on the sticker "R134" and that must be the plastics since that's Flame Red. I recently had the kickstand mount re-welded and i really need to get it painted before it rusts. If anyone knows of a color that is a close match i'd appreciate it.
  13. phreakingeek

    Hillbilly pix from Hatfield McCoy

    Hey Doug, you can download the full resolution ones of you and Nick from the gallery if you want to print some out: http://phreakingeek.smugmug.com/gallery/1728588/1/85375635 (the slideshow pics are pretty low res and grainy)
  14. phreakingeek

    Dual Sport Riders Richmond, VA

    i choked on my soda when i misread that as: "The school lunch gives me bad flashbutt"