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  1. Arroyo_runner

    Should I buy Kawasaki

    You have to compare apples to apples. If you want to compare against one of the late generation 250 four stroke motocross machines, you are not going to be able to outrun them if riders are evenly matched. But if you are talking a more comparable machine, an XL250 for instance, I expect you will be pleased.
  2. Arroyo_runner

    Should I buy Kawasaki

    I have 4 Kawasaki products in my garage, and one Honda. The list is KDX220, KLX400R, 2 Prairy360 4X4s, and the Honda is a VTX1800R. I want another Kawasaki, a ZRX1200R . As soon as someone buys my 400, I will get one. In my 32 years of motorcycle loving. and 20 odd different machines, I am a big fan of Kawasaki. I like them better than any other. I have had much better luck with the Kawasakis over a lot of miles. And the list includes BMWs and Moto-Guzis, and Hondas too. I had much more trouble with the Hondas in my experience. (But the VTX -- well that one was just so very alluring sitting there in the dealership... ) One thing you will find if you begin to do your own work is that Kawasaki web site will help you with complete and accurate parts diagrams and part numbers. It is also easy and cheap to obtain a service manual on that website. I don't know of any other manuafacturer that is doing this for us. With the part number in hand, you can then do on-line searches for best price and bypass any high prices local dealers. Now don't get the wrong idea -- you won't need a lot of parts except routine maintenance items -- unless you start modifying and upgrading. For a first bike, and especially if you go out and ride it hard, put it up wet, and skip on the maintenance like 90% of first time owners will, a Kawasaki is a better choice for you. Thats why I got my son a KDX220 (he wanted 2 stroke) instead of the Yamaha he would have preferred. I did not make a mistake.
  3. Arroyo_runner

    Sold my "soft market" DRZ- honest review of bike

    I thought you said goodbye.
  4. Arroyo_runner

    To rejet or not to rejet......

    OK, clean up the garage a bit, get things ready for all that work. Has to be clean and organized. First, I think I'll just go on a little ride, that way after rejetting I can have a fresher seat of the pants evaluation. Out the garage, around the corner and unending high desert mesa and endless miles of arroyo-running stretches before me. Ride ride ride, come back home for more gas. Oh - yea, there are the tools all laid out. OK time to work. First a little snack. OK back to the garage. HMMM, think I'll go ride some more. Did I buy this thing to tinker or ride? I think I'll just ride it!!! I'm not having any issues, no hesitation, no bogging. Thing pulls through foot deep sand with incredible torque. Never use all the power availible anyway... Maybe at 5600 feet where I live, the stock setup runs about right. Beside, I want to wait until I've had it up at 11,000 ft. next summer before I go messing with it. If it runs good here, and runs OK there, I ain't gona touch it. Thats my perspective. To each his own.
  5. Arroyo_runner

    DRZ shop manual

    Your bike is exactly like the 2003 Kawaski KLS400R. Kawasaki is very good about providing reasonably priced factory service manuals and they have a great web site. You can by a Suzuki factory manual wrapped in Kawasaki covers for the KLX400R for $24.95. The ST (dual purpose model) manual goes for $36.95. I got one and it is a great manual. Highly recomend. Go to: http://www.buykawasaki.com/default.asp choose, order manuals, search by model: motorcycle model year 2003 (04 manual not availible) marketing name: KLX400R or KLX 400SR for dual purpose Hit select and continue and there you are. If you spend $50.00 before end of year -- free shipping. Hurry -- the manuals run out.
  6. Arroyo_runner

    O/T - Hit by a truck today.

    Hitting someone with a mirror would be noticeable to any driver who is paying any attention at all. Besides that, there is the rider and motorcycle flashing by in the window as they fly to the ground. Any driver who can miss all this deserves a nice little stint in jail. It's hit and run, it's a felony. Period. This driver is lucky they aren't up for manslaughter. My wife was hit by a pickup truck mirror years ago while riding a bicycle. The guy did it on purpose. He flipper her off as he roared away. FELONY ASAULT. ATTEMPTED MURDER. He got away with it. Luckily she wasn't hurt too bad -- like you. But she does have some days where the shoulder still hurts a bit. I was run off the road in 1987 while riding a Moto Guzzi. It was a dogleg and a car decided to pass me from behind. Squeezed me right off the road. There was an abrupt drop off - no shoulder. It was 50 yards from a stop sign. This driver was in a big hurry to get nowhere. They were so impatient to get to a stop sign ahead of me that they put me in the hospital. Had to have surgery. Took a year to regain full use of my right arm. This person may even be one of my neighbors. When it happened I didn't even have time to look at their car, let alone the driver. I was flying through the air flipping over and over. Only saw color. Car did not actually hit me, but to avoid them I had to take a dive. By definition this was HIT AND RUN. LEAVING THE SCENE. FELONY I lied in the dirt in great pain over an hour before someone came along and called an ambulance. It was two hours before a doctor finally gave me something to ease the pain. Let me tell you about agony. I was surviving second to second. If you haven't ever experienced that kind of thing, you really can't imagine. If you have, you really can't remember. But you remember that it was bad... The driver got away with it. My life was changed. It put me out of action over a year. Never finished my EE. Lost a job. Big financial problems came out of it. Had to change a lot of plans. While I may be the better man for it in the end -- sometimes blessings come in strange ways, know one can really know that for sure. WHEN IT COMES TO CARS OR TRUCKS HITTING BIKERS AND LEAVING THE SCENE. I HAVE NO MERCY. HANG EM AND HANG EM HIGH. Sue them for GP. Push the legal system to prosecute. Don't let this person get off. Do it for the next biker, if not for yourself. When this driver failed to stop, they became criminal. They do not deserve your kindness; they didn't show you any, did they? ?
  7. Arroyo_runner

    Want to know about oil filters? A comparison.

    While I have not tried a stainless steel filter, so can't speak from experience, still I wonder if the cleaning is truly effective? Seems there is a dirty side and a clean side. By putting the filter in some solvent bath, the dirty stuff might be able to migrate to the clean side. Also, solvent disolves some solids, then as the solvent evaporates, the solids are left behind. So there may be abrasive material you can't see left behind that will find it's way through your engine. Even if you use hot water to rinse the filter -- tap water has minerals in it. -- Just my thoughts.
  8. here is an interesting link about oil filters http://www.twocreeks.net/toby/oil_filters/vesrah.shtml
  9. Arroyo_runner

    soft market for DRZ?

    Tough time to sell any thing used -- no matter how good it is or how decent the price. Unles you are giving it away... It's partly because of the super low interest on new ones. I just took advantage of no-interest-no payments until Jan. 05 on a KLX400R and KDX220R set for me and my son. Now I have a year and a month to sell something and pay them off -- or refi at lower interest... I've been trying to sell an 03 Honda VTX 1800R -- at like 1/3 off it's new price -- not a single call. Same for a car I have. By the way -- I have an 03 Kawasaki 360 Prairie 4X4 (actually I have two) and since we got the bikes we could stand to do without one of the Prairies. Wanta talk some kind of trade deal? Supermotoman@msn.com
  10. Arroyo_runner

    DRZ400S dealer cost

    You can go to Cyclebuy.com and purchase a dealer cost report. It is about $12.99 if I remember right. This report will be pretty accurate, also showing shipping cost as well as dealer holdback info. MSRP is probably about 13% mark up over dealer cost. This is good info to have -- but don't expect it to work magic with every dealer. Some will just get pissed off if you tell them you have this knowledge. Every dealer deserves some profit. The question is how much? In my case I had to make three long distance calls to find a dealer in a small town 200 miles away who wanted some business. Saved 300 of MSRP on my KLX400R and 200 off MSRP on my KDX220. :cheers:Bought both day before Thanksgiving. But the bigger thing is -- I did not pay set up fees. The bigger thing yet is I found a dealer I like. It was an old fasioned MC shop -- mom and pop, they were so cool to deal with. Threw in 2 stroke oil and a plug for the 220. Droped the front sprockett a tooth for free -- and gave me the factory sprockett to keep. He will get my business from now on -- even though he is 200 miles away. I don't need a mechanic - I only need someone who can put parts in a box and mail them to me. Everything else, I can handle. To show my appreciation I bought a pair of boots for my son. This dealer is in a town on the way to some of the best riding country around. I will stop in his shop evey time I go that way. In my town, I refuse to even go into the local dealers shops. I know from experience they won't budge of MSRP and then they will tack on a very large assembly and set up fee. Like $300+. Dig the 400. It is great.
  11. New KLX400R. But there seems to be no way to turn off the headlight. Am I missing something? On a street bike -- that is OK, but on a dirt bike, seems outrageous to me. I will want to install one. Has anyone done this? Anyone know of a kit that will eliminate cutting into the wiring? Digging the machine.
  12. Arroyo_runner

    Best Service Manual DRZ/KLX

    I was on The Kawasaki factory web page and they have one posted there for the 03 KLX400R (same bike) for about 24.99 (as I rememebr.) I better go back and order it. I have Kawasaki 4 wheelers in addition to my KLX400R and I got the manual for the 4 wheelers the same way. That manual is first rate. Just got my 400 Wednesday. Love the bike.
  13. Arroyo_runner

    How come it getting loose?

    Hi,I am returning to the dirt after 2 decades riding shaft drive road bikes. Just bought a KawaZooki KLS400R. I never cleaned a chain before. How do you go about it?
  14. Arroyo_runner

    What happened to the KLX 400 dirt and dual sport?

    Wednesday morning, picked up phone. Called two Kawasaki dealers, no deal, both wanted to make too much profit on the deal. Tried a third -- 200 miles away. YES DEAL! Arranged to buy a KLX400R and a KDX220R both under MSRP, no set up fees. (Both 2003 models...) Gave them my Kawasaki Good Times card number. Went picked up bikes, home by dark. No payments or interest until Jan., 05. Seemes pretty easy to me. Selling my Honds VTX 1800R, then will use that money to pay off the Kawasakis, well before Jan.05. I won't even start on the local Honda dealer.
  15. Arroyo_runner

    Why should I buy a KLX ?

    Did your friend buy a dirt bike yet. Maybe you should take him to look at the KDX220. Much better for a 200 lb. rider who might want to put on it until he gets used to it -- then can still get it on pretty good when he feels the confidence. 100 is just too small. Got the 220 for my son, the KLX400R for me. That one has electric start. I'm over 200 lbs and this bike carries me with ease. So does the 220 for that matter, but I like the smooth power delivery of the 400. I couldn't make up my mind about dirt bikes for my son and I until we saw these two and everything clicked. -- Returned to dirt after many years on big road bikes. Latest is a VTX1800. Love the Kawazooki KLX400R -- glad I made this move. Really cool not having to dodge bumpers and gas off all the Harleys (about 1/32 of a twist on the right grip.) -- seems they all want to try to blast me with their pipes. Know anyone who wants to buy a VTX1800R? Too many toys -- need to weed something out. The VTX has to go.