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  1. Stumpalump

    Reed sick of millennial work mentality

    Chad is correct to feel how he does about young people. I just mentioned in a political thread about evil banks how I banked a million and just retired at 53. They can't fathom that it was possible without a degree and working jobs carrying a toolbox. Even when you tell them how they insist I had an angle, side jobs, inheritance or crime. "You knew somebody" " your just lucky" Just get off your ass everyday and put in an honest 8 hours and avoid the farktards lazy loosers and the big companies give you good jobs. I did as I was told and funded the 401k but they are entitled, seek luck and everybody is out to screew them. I blame the la la land liberal schools and media they endure. IDK but it's sad to see how elite, lazy, entitled with an attitude that they are superior and deserve wealth without working hard. They will squander the boom economy, vote for Democrats in 7 years and die broke. I'm with Chad &%$#@! em.
  2. Stumpalump

    Tomac seems to like getting beat on home soil ?

    What went wrong with Tomacs bike in the first moto?
  3. Stumpalump

    Who is going to take the #7 after their championship?

    Mark my words JS7 is coming back to win the SX19 title!
  4. Stumpalump

    motocross Air horns

    Honk honk honk! Enough with the air horns already!
  5. Stumpalump

    Dungey ripping a 2 stroke

    That's the best bike KTM makes right now. I'd ride one.
  6. Stumpalump

    Travis.. Knievel recreation

    Not even close to the same bike. The Indian Flat tracker is a race only bike designed for TT races that have JUMPS.
  7. Stumpalump

    Travis.. Knievel recreation

  8. Stumpalump

    Eric Geboers has a accidental death

    He did not know the simple cold water trick...This could save your life so listen up! When you hit cold water it literally takes your breath away. Sometimes for a few seconds and sometimes you can only take tiny gasps of air for as long as two minuets. People panic, get tired, scared and basically give up and drown. The trick is that your breath allways comes back. Just give it time. Don't try and climb in a boat if you cannot breath. Relax (best you can) and wait until your breath returns. Just tread water and gasp the best you can. Those first moments are incapacitating but eventually you regain muscle and breathing control. Might be a after few seconds or it might take two minutes. Hang in there until you body adjusts and you will swim out normally. If you panic burn what little energy and Oxygen you have before you regain control of breathing you are doomed. Rip
  9. Stumpalump

    brand loyalty vs being an American

    Make America Great Again is happening. Now where exactly does Marvin fit in?
  10. Stumpalump

    Screwed by FS1 again

    Not just SX but the Championship season finale. If they called it the SX World Series then maybe the mentality of a ball and stick fan would get the programming right.
  11. Stumpalump

    Red Bulletin--Roczen

    That's a diaper.
  12. Yeah that bike would dig 4" deep in solid hard pan and throw 150' roost of terror. Fire roads at 70 was stupid simple. Good gravel roads....You can literally run them at 100 and feel safe. Amazing is what they are to ride.
  13. Did they ever get the 990's to run right? They never could get the 690 fixed and the sad thing was KTM never tried. The wiring looked like a broken harbor freight power saw inside. What a joke their big bikes are....
  14. Nope no and no. I fixed medical robots for a living and sold some of my engines to special ops. No kidding. I can spin a wrench it's just the 950 has an endless list of mandatory mods. At 25,000 miles they are junk. The 200 was wicket when it ran. I could go faster on the 200 than any bike ever made. No clue why they did not sell a million of them. It's a 450 killer in the trails. Montessa 315r, XR400, Rokon 2 wheel drive trail breaker, KTM 200 and 950. Did I have a stable or what? You should see my desert car....OMG is it fast.