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  1. PS a good idea is drink a bottle of Pedialyte before and after the race to avoid cramping
  2. It seems like your pretty level headed about this but I want you to think of a few things. If you are at all competitive your probabbly gonna tear off down the trail on the start. Be mindful of the adrenaline rush....which will lead to arm pump in a very short amount of time (learned from experience). Stay cool and calm and you will be alright. You"re right about getting out of the way when the faster guy is coming, but don't get yourself into trouble trying to accomodate them. the faster riders are generally better and can find a way around you. If you have to get out of the way, pick a good spot and not into a ravine,swamp, bull bryers, etc.. Remember, if you can keep moving down the trail without having to stop and rest you will be amazed at how well you do. It wont take long before you start grabbing trophies, then the mad addiction has begun. Good luck and have fun
  3. scooter245

    Any Police Officers members of TT?

    Wouldn't worry about it. Even if you were pulling wheelies and jumping a school bus while its discharging kids, I wouldn't notice if your tailight was LED or not. As far as the other stuff goes, well...we need to talk.
  4. scooter245

    carb lines

    I race Hare Scrambles...Sometimes through deep water. I'd like to run the air line from the carb(DRZ400E) up under the seat to keep the carb from sucking water.. which one is it? This was easier to do on my XR, not as many lines.
  5. scooter245

    helmet cam

    thanx.....Scooter245 :D
  6. I'm with ya, can listen to just about everything except Country music.....blaaaah
  7. scooter245

    helmet cam

    I was reading a Northeast forum on my email and one of the the guys (YAMGE) mentioned a helmet cam. Anyone out there have more info on these. I think my wife would like to see more of my races except what happens in the pits (Hare Scrambles)