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  1. Very easy to start-
  2. It's a good, reliable bike, however I am anxious to see the new 17 Honda, and hopefully an all new RM-Z. My 15' is great, but it is a bit heavy. Even the new YZs (which are close in weight) seem much lighter when on the track.
  3. Don't let all the poor reviews make your decision. Sure it's heavier, sure it's dated, but they're cheap. Got mine revalved, and it's good. Great motor, easy to ride, and very bullet proof.
  4. 3 Palms in Texas..
  5. Just got mine back- I think they take a bit more time to break in.. In addition, most of our tracks around here don, so until bout 5 hrs on them, and on a rough track, I can't give honest feedback.
  6. The App is out- Someone here turn me on to it in another thread.
  7. I too came off of a Kawi- I had a 13' that was pimped out. Had upwards of 80-90 hrs, and sold it primarily because I found a killer deal on a 15' RMZ that had an hr on it. I believe there's quite a few differences on the RMZ form 14'-15', but I completely get what you're saying. My KX was a super reliable scoot, but dude,on long Motos it felt like a dang tank. The Zook (although about the same weight) does fell lighter to me, and handles completely opposite of how the KX does. Hard to get the green machine to turn, but the RM wants to turn TOO much! I had an 08' RMZ a few yrs ago, and I can say with out a doubt that the 15' is night and day different. Don't let the same 'plastic' fool you..
  8. Transworld is shredding on one today- they'll probably post it in the next day or so-
  9. -who did the re-valve?
  10. What 'New number plate' are you referring to?
  11. Guessing available in Sept??
  12. Power windows too?
  13. The smaller one w/ the ridge in the middle is the bottom one-
  14. I bet the 150 will be a bLaSt!