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  1. to get a daylight mot all you need is a bike all up together no lights fitted at all inc brake light a horn a steet legal tyres
  2. here i somerset just about to go out and spend a day on exmore and the quantock hills with my beloved wr400
  3. wr400 in somerset here
  4. regarding wd40 , this product is oil and water based and will wash off leaving no long lasting benefits.Try Wurth dry lube this leaves a dry teflon film which will not attract dirt and will give long lasting protection
  5. I wouold go for the hotcams as it is easy to fit , i did mine in about 2 hours the only bit that takes time is re-shimming. it makes the bike a doddle to start.
  6. Helicoil is great but has the tendancy to come out itself due to it being a spring ,also yhe tang is a bugger to break off when you are fitting the helicoil in situ.Your best bet is to fit a Timesert it is a solid insert that can be fitted in situ with no problems and they do not come out. If you search your local bike or auto shops and find one who uses WURTH products he can get one for you , or if no joy there go to the WURTH USA web site. or check them out on
  7. ive done mine no and its cool the part no from hotcams is 4035-1E. buy one now
  8. thanks that makes sense
  9. im fitting a auto decomp cam and have encountered the following problem. the two dots on the intake cam do not allign with the face of the cover as described in the manual , should they be flush as the left hand one seems to be above the casting face when the right one is flush? any pics of one apart would be appreciated as like a fool i didnt take a pick before i removed the ond exhaust cam
  10. ive also fitted a hydralic switch is so much easier and its mainainence free
  11. yes please do let me know as i have bought one but not fitted it yet steve
  12. after much reading of threads i hav decided that its got to be easier to fit a hot cam auto decomp to my bike. has any one done this to a 98 wr400
  13. ive been advised to fit a wr450 auto decomp cam into my 98 wr 400 .Have any of you tried this, if so please pm me or post. thanks steve
  14. i can email you my garmin track data or i can try to give grid refs if i can to use my garmin bits you will need mapsource. we go to the brecons once a month as its so good, there is some good lanes starting at talybont resevour(spelt wrong) and going over the top @7k and someone has built a mx track up there.
  15. im buying a 98 wr400 ,is it possible to fit the cam from a later model to make it start easier. or any other good ideas would be appreciated.