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  1. bputt

    250 EXC-F Vs CR-F 250 weight

    No kidding... Love my 250xcf, but the leaking cap is a real PITA. On the weight side, I've ridden my buddy's CRF250X and I can tell you the FEEL of the KTM is much lighter - it actually seems to be every bit as agile and "flickable" as my '05 KTM 200exc. Have not had the new bike on a scale, but I would choose it any day over the Honda based on the way the weight feels & carries.
  2. bputt


    239na, any ride report on the bike? Thinking about one for my wife, and was hoping to get some add'l objective info beyond the advertisement that Service Honda has posted on their site.
  3. bputt

    Sore Ass Prevention?

    I'm a big fan of Anti Monkey Butt powder - the site was listed earlier in this thread. Seems to work better than regular old baby powder, and the bottle of it always generates "good" convesation prior to riding with new folks!
  4. bputt

    Street legal Motard?

    I'm doing a conversion of a WR450 in PA right now - all the work on the bike is done, just need to go through the title/registration process. Apparently in PA, you need to get the title "reconstructed" and then it should be good to go. It is possible from the research I've done, just need to live through the red tape now (I hope)!
  5. bputt

    crf 450 x motard help

    I second the Championsonline.com recommendation. Mike has been great, I got all my stuff in under a week (including wheels), and he has provided support as required.
  6. bputt

    How to Build a Chopper?

    Try www.clubchopper.com... Think that will point you in the right direction. I'm in the same boat, and yeah, I think we are crazy.
  7. bputt

    East Coast Wheels...Where are you?

    Here is another option... I had an excellent experience with Mike at www.championsonline.com. Ordered a full SM set up for my WR450, and had everything I ordered at my doorstep in less than one week.
  8. bputt

    World Supermoto live web broadcast

    I watched it live last Sunday morning, no problem at all... It had both the S1 and S2 events, and was at the time they listed (although it said something like "MX Race" and had it dated as 6/18!)
  9. bputt

    SMR magazine

    Just got mine in PA this past Friday...
  10. bputt

    Beaveruns new dirt section

    What was the turn-out like at Beaverun this past weekend? Wanted to at least get up there to check it out, but got tied up and couldn't make it? I'm building a WR450 for Supermoto, and hope to be running a few events there before year-end.
  11. Thanks JKM, that points me in the right direction. Appreciate the quick response.
  12. I've done a search, and can't find any details on the process required to convert an off-road bike to DS in PA. I have an '04 WR450 I would like to convert - can anyone shed some light on the possibility/process?
  13. bputt

    Looking at a 110... Help?

    Two Brothers (and others) offer a hydraulic clutch kit for the 110. Took a couple of hours to install (I'm no mechanic), and offers the choice of fully manual clutch, or using the clutch as a "semi-automatic". Nice piece, and I'm very happy with it. It is a great way to get the kids comfortable with clutching, on a bike they are already good at riding.
  14. bputt

    Rekluse auto clutch questions.

    The perch adjuster is a definite help. I couldn't find neutral with the bike running prior to installing the adjuster, and now with it installed, no problem.
  15. bputt

    04 - WR450 Mod. Questions

    Dunlaped, Take a look at this link: http://www.thumperfaq.com/ that discussed the WR250 (& 450) in great detail. It provides details on all of the mods, along with instructions. I was in the same boat you are about a month ago, and have been able to apply all of the free mods outlined, using the instructions provided. This board has taught me more in 30 days that I learned "on the street" in years!