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  1. +1 on the weight to power ratio, Ive put on 30-40lbs in the last 3 years was 145 now more 180lbs.... I blame it on change on work. military to industrial construction and just that amount of weight has made a huge difference in pep in the bike. Use to just hammer the throttle at 80km and lean back a bam wheelie now i've gotta put more effort in
  2. bin

    How about 1 for our best freinds ?

    her name is Kaluah she's 9 years old and the wife's best friend Shes our duck dog and a great teacher to the new puppies being brought out during duck season, 23 more days tell opening season here Pictures taken in ontario on lake huron. first pic is the wife with a duck call and the dog saying your doing it all wrong.
  3. I Just did a bore job on the wifes bike and a new BB kit in my drz here in Alberta. Piston in hand I had a shop bore a motor for 75$. I also replaced my cylinder, piston, cam buckets and web cam exhaust cam for 900$ ish canadian 1 month ago for my drz. BB kit ran me 500$ Canadian, got it in 2 weeks after payment off ebay. cam buckets 80$ and new cam 300$. If I was in our shoes with a stock head and minimal mods id look at a donor motor. My 2 cents
  4. When I eat it and this happens most of the time but not always I just put the tire between my legs and turn the bar. Has worked for me and friends for years, might be worth a try before loosening the triple clamp bolts.
  5. bin

    Which valves? +1mm or standard?

    Whats your KM / hrs on your top end, what cams will you be running. Personally I would leave it STD size unless you plan on getting your head flowed, Stroke your motor, run a 41mmFCR and get a cam around RHC 187 or Web cam 540 grinds. Just my opinion, but if it costs the same getting your valves cut +1mm sure what the hell.
  6. bin

    462 build top rebuild findings

    I put my hot cams in at 180km then the web cam in at 5000km ish. Ran these cams for 16000km give or take a few. FYI buckets / tappets are around $90US for one that is why I searched and found 4 used ones for 60$, low miles and from a stock LTZ.
  7. bin

    When should the clutch start to engage?

    I have always set my bikes in so when I pull in the lever with 2 fingers once it hits my other two fingers its disengaged. To me this ensures full pressure to the clutch plates and has treated me well for burning out clutches.
  8. bin

    Mikuni Easy Kits

    cheap, got rid of the idle issue but have a WOT bog now. bikes runs wife is happy
  9. bin

    Moose Racing Pre-Oiled Air Filter

  10. bin

    Wiseco Big Bore Kit

    54.5MM piston kit
    makes this bike sounds like a motorcycle
  11. bin

    Yamaha TTR125L 2004

    Bike for the Wife. My pit bike
  12. bin

    462 build top rebuild findings

    Ya I remember you trying that hot cam out. Now Ron is running them, and enjoying it, it gets around lol. I have no knowledge of degree cams. Tearing a top end apart easy and even a bottom end apart and rebuilding not hard with a manual. Degree a cam maybe once I can save the funds up to get adjustable sprockets and a degreeing kit from web cams. But at the end of the day I ride for fun. Maybe the odd race down town pretending to be a sleeper bike and a new rider. I will see what Web cam says when / If I change my request. I cant see them caring what cams I run in a combo.
  13. bin

    462 build top rebuild findings

    Top ring was fine moved freely in the grove, as posted second ring fell out in pieces. Thanks for the cam info!!! I shipped the cam out yesterday requesting a replacement 540 but Ill just follow the tracking and contact Web once it arrives and ask their thoughts on running A Web 540 intake grind and a RHC 187 ( web 943) exhaust grind. Thanks again for the info.