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  1. mando54

    Suspension question

    If you plan on doing the suspension yourself, you can call enzo at 714-541-5218 and order the bottles. They are 300 or 350.
  2. At glen Helen, I run a 48 in the rear. Works just fine.
  3. mando54

    426 rear rim same as 450?

    It is all the same.
  4. mando54

    Team Yamaha on 450s for the Nationals!

    I've seen both DV and Reed out at Glen Helen on 450's lately. Even Langston was out at Perris on a 450 last weekend. And yes, I've seen Albertyn out at GH on the Suzuki. I understand Tortelli is riding it this summer.
  5. mando54

    '01 YZ426 Front brake line swap?

    The line will make the biggest difference, but if you're doing the job, do it right and route it cr style. It'll only help and doesn't take any more time.
  6. For motocross in southern california, my pressure varies between 11 and 14 psi. The track at elsinore gets very hard, so I may add a pound or two. I always start with 11, front and rear though.
  7. mando54

    OT: Every dog has his day....

    Procedure on Friday, riding again in two weeks. Procedure on Monday, you'll only miss one weekend.
  8. mando54

    Magnetic Drain Plug For 04 YZ450?

    I have the zip ty drain plug and it works great. No problems with the aluminum head stripping or any other problems.
  9. mando54

    Any News on the 05s Yet?

    I have it on what you can call very reliable sources information that indicates the yzf will be a 4 speed next year. buy the crf if you want a 5 speed.
  10. mando54

    Yellow Plastic, Hurricane Graphics

    either go online to one industries and order one or get their number from information and order one. simple as that.
  11. mando54

    47 Tooth Rear Sprocket

    I run a renthal. I don't know, but I think afam also makes one.
  12. mando54

    Uh Ooooh

    Here in SoCal, I'm running stock gearing, with no problems. I could probably even go to a 47 rear.
  13. mando54

    Titanium pipe to hot?.................

    I hasn't posed a problem for me in any way, including melting the airbox.
  14. mando54


    I have a pc ti system and absolutely no complaints to go with it.