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  1. BobCabral

    Best intermediate rear tire?

    Pirelli MT16 in the rear and dunlop 739 on the front This is a Rocks and Roots setup, 739 wont follow roots and MT16 has plenty of traction in the rocks.
  2. BobCabral

    2006 CRF Bog

    Redbeards mod works PERIOD! no need to spend money. follow redbeards link for complete instructions.
  3. BobCabral

    mobile 1

    Mobil 1 has friction modifiers in it wich is not reccomended for motorcycle clutches, but I used it for many years and never had a problem. I now use Shell Rotella T Synthetic in my 2004 crf250R I have been using it since second oil change on this bike with no clutch problems. I will use nothing else! Wall mart is cheapest but you have to look hard for the rotella synthetic. Not all wall marts carry the synthetic.
  4. BobCabral

    Rad. braces

    I've had devol, works connection and flatland. Flatland all the way, no comparison, Perfect fit and very heavy duty,but not heavy
  5. BobCabral

    bog question

    If nothing seems to help the bog change TPS But I think the leak jet will fix your problem
  6. BobCabral

    Stumble off idle hell

    My crf doesn't stumble in the least but my 2003 wr250f had the same problem your x has. After trying everything from air screw to pilot jet to needle position to jd kit and exhaust and accelerator pump timing and power now. Nothing helped until I went smaller on the leak jet. This fixed all my problems. The leak jet is located inside the float bowl, going to a smaller size (Yes smaller size) increases the amount of fuel the accelerator pump squirts into the carb. if you cant find the size you want from the dealer try looking at different model bikes, they all use the same style leak jet.(crf 250r, 450r, YZ250f, wr250f) If you want to read more on the subject follow link. http://www.thumperfaq.com/ap.htm
  7. BobCabral

    Suspension adjustments /upgrades??

    If you have been turning the screws out to stiffen the suspension that's your problem. You should be turning them in to make them stiffer.
  8. BobCabral

    Has anybody cut their subframe?

    I was wondering how much to cut off my subframe has anybody done this on their crf? Holes can't be filed much without insert bottoming on frame.
  9. BobCabral

    A few pics of my 250R set up for woods

    What stator are you using? That is my next investment so any imput is appreciated, I was thinking of using electrex so I wouldn't have to get mine rewound. They sell a complete unit.
  10. BobCabral

    Which Triple Clamp to Purchase

    I just saw these at the southwick motocross race yesterday and they look really nice. The Owner/Salesman was suggesting the 20mm offset as this is what his racers like and I think he said his son rides a crf250r. They had a demo unit on a crf250 and it was sweet. http://www.tristarracing.com
  11. BobCabral

    Help please guys

    Sounds like your fuel screw is a little lean and needs to be turned out. I think 2 1/2 turns out is the spot reccomended for going up on the pilot.
  12. BobCabral

    Trail Tech Kick Stand

    Thanks everybody for their reply. Looks like I'll be ordering one today!
  13. BobCabral

    Trail Tech Kick Stand

    Does anybody have one of these. What do you think of it? Looking to put one on my 04 crf250r.
  14. I have heard them refered to as both ICS and Pressure Springs, I was considering changing these springs to add plushness to my 2004 crf250r, I weigh 200 pounds and ride mosly rocky new england trails but dont want to sacrafice much track and whoop controll because I do spend some time on mx tracks and fast fire roads with whoops. I was thinking of trying softer pressure springs, are these hard to install. I don't have a service manual yet but the owners manual leads me to believe these can be changed by just removing the top cap with the pressure spring and valving attached. Is this correct? Can anybody explain the easiest way to swap these springs? Also some reccomended spring rates would be appreciated. As far as I can tell 1.9 is stock and I've heard reference to people installing 1.61, would this be a good rate and what kind of changes could I expect. I'm looking for plushness In the rocks without letting the forks drop too much in their stroke.
  15. BobCabral

    Shop Manual

    Anybody know if theres a downloadable shop manual anywhere on the net?