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    Is ATK Back I mean Cannondale

    Say, give full repect to ATK!!!!! For having the balls to take on such a project.....If they make them or own the rights then they sure are ATK'S!!!......Thank's ATK!!!!! That bike is sweet, you hit it on the head.....wish a pro would take it on and make it a sure bet for all.....
  2. turbotony

    2002 YZ426F

    Over heating is a concern...just look at all the fans on the road 4 stroke cafe bikes. I have thought about using the stator setup for two fans on the radiators during tight woods riding..do away with the 1-1 radiator cap and go with a 1-6 cap....ad super coolant as said by "tricks of the trade" in December 2003 MX Action mag.
  3. turbotony

    Project YZ450F for all types of riding.

    Chazlom...someone did solve the jetting issue.....Cannondale's EFI...to bad they wasted so much time to get the bike out. I have always wondered with electronics so small why a company can't come out with a EFI self contained carb....2004 companies!!!!!
  4. turbotony

    Another Cam upgrade question-

    I need to know where you got the cam from? A Yamaha dealer? I am ready to take my 0 '02 426 apart but need the cam.
  5. turbotony

    Dirt Rider Mag. article

    Thinking this thru.....I will bet ...on paper...the SS filter does clean down to a smaller micron, but I will bet the size micron that passes thru a paper filter is no harm to a bike that has it's oil changed often.....also, I would think that Dr.D has the concern of re-introducing contaiminated due to a person not cleaning the SS filter properly.....hence, change the oil and filter with new introduced oil and filter is solid protection.......This is just my opinion.
  6. I wonder if there is a reason for plastic in the first place....Yamaha or who ever could make a metal lined plastic tank....I am sure if the space shuttle can make it into space then there is a plastic material that does not let gases through......say....what about form fit thin aluminum decals? I bet an anodized graphic would look cool and impervious to gas.
  7. turbotony

    Started my cam swap

    ok, the source would be great....love to do the mod on my 2002 426....also any hints of trouble would help...or just a move that you thought..."man I saved a ton of time"