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  1. www.highlandparkresort.com seems like a top notch operation from what I've read Hope to see you on the trails some day Have fun
  2. Look at that grin on his face! Thats what it's all about huh. As the other guy said, just change the oil and it should run forever. Heck, they can haul around adults, the little guy can't do any damage to it. By the way, where are you in Alabama? I have in laws there (near Tuscaloosa) and have plans to ride Highland Park Resort next trip. Ever been there?
  3. woodman505

    What Did Everyone Get For Christmas?

    A new house, Stihl chain saw and Moose XCR gear
  4. woodman505


    exciting stuff! yes, let's see some pictures
  5. woodman505

    2006 YZ 125 or 2007 TTR 230

    For the most part true. Are you sure you have to get a YZ 125 or TTR? Look into it a little more and you will find that neither of these bikes are really the good choice for you( IMO) If you want a 2 stroke you can get a 2/3 year old 250 for less then either of those bikes. Better yet, like the other guy said, XR400 or DRZ400. Head light, tail light, plenty of torque and you can putt around or run WFO all day long. You don't want to spend 4000 for a bike and sell it in a year do you? Good luck with your choice.
  6. woodman505

    What is your gear and why

    Moose XCR or Thor for me. I love my Tech 10's. By far the most comfortable boot I have ever worn. The Thor Force helmet is decent but I miss my Arai. Christmas is coming.
  7. I hope my small donation aids in David's full recovery. You have alot of fans out here! Get well
  8. woodman505

    SX Champions = Quitters

    You're first sentence is a bold statement. I seriously doubt that RC is lame in any aspect of his life. He's done more on a motorcycle then MOST people ever will, seems like a very up standing guy and will still give us an awesome show outdoors and will probably get top 5 in select SX races next year.
  9. woodman505

    06 or 07 ???

    Thanks for the response. I think I will be able to wait for the 07 as long as that yellow one is gone next time I go to the dealership! The 04 is still working great so its not like I'am jonesin for a ride and I ride all winter here so the hot-humid days are used for other fun. I'am going to put down a deposit just so I can rub my hands together for the next 6 months or so, and buy some yellow plastic.
  10. woodman505

    06 or 07 ???

    initially I was going to wait for the 07 to come out but my local dealer has one of those pretty yeller ones left and something is telling me to grab it. What are some changes between the two? I figure I can get a little more out of the 04 If I sell it before the 07 comes out. What do you guys think? Come on, talk me into it!
  11. woodman505

    Stupid Question

    unless you get some killer deal it wouldn't be worth it cause the hubs won't work
  12. woodman505


    you guys bring up alot of good points. Its true that the bike must be competitive in a certain class for the manufacturer to sink that much money in R&D. Would a high reving 150 four stroke with good suspension keep up with a 85cc two stroke? I think so. Plus, it would make a killer trail bike for the right person. I would think they would sell alot more for casual riding than racing.
  13. woodman505


    has anybody else heard this rumor? I heard it might come with a YZ 85 size frame and suspension and a hot rod small bore four stroke. Water cooled? Four or 5 valve? Electric start? We are looking for the perfect bike for my wife. She went from a TTR 125 to a CRF 230. Great bike but just a heavy beast. Did most of the mods on the CRF including jetting, air box and BBR pipe. Like I said, great trail bike.