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  1. mbha178

    What did you do to your WR today?

    Put money down to buy a 2007 wr250f next weekend! So excited to pick it up! Pics will follow
  2. Stevekx500 is secretly Charlie sheen.
  3. mbha178

    plating WR in Ohio

    I see this is way old, but for future reference, just plated my Wr today.
  4. All I had to do today 2nd bike I've done, simply had to sign affidavit.
  5. mbha178

    Ohio Conversion Laws/Reg's

    Eassy to do. Just converted my Wr250f and titled.it today
  6. I wouldn't be caught dead WITHOUT them...
  7. mbha178

    Stock WR skid plate on 2007 YZ250F

    Not even close. The WR is wasy longer. Bolt holes are way off.
  8. mbha178

    What did you do to your 250F today?

    What did u use to polish frame?
  9. I got an 07 yz250f and love it. More than enough power, but aluminum feels so light. Best bike I've ridden.
  10. didn't know there was one already, it hasn't had comments since 2010. trying to get it going again i guess.
  11. I got started pulling it apart so it will be ready for dual sport kit.... as soon as I order it. I am prolly getting baja designs kit. any advice or suggestions before I order?
  12. What about making fun of obama sticker? Lol
  13. mbha178

    Stock WR skid plate on 2007 YZ250F

    Not sure, i got a 07 yz and 07 Wr. I'll try it and let u know if it works.
  14. Just bought my 07 Wr250. Picture is from craigslist ad. Can't wait to rip it apart and get ready for spring. Ignore the loose handguard.... Lol
  15. mbha178

    What did you do to your WR today?

    How did you mount ur plate?