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  1. I rode The pits in the Pine barens 20-25 years ago and now I am told if you are tagged and legal you are allowed to ride on this area. I am a 45 year old hare scramble, single track guy looking to ride down there. I am not asking anyone to give away thier secret spots or discuss riding areas on this public forum. I am looking for information, specifially about parking and specific entry points to trails. If you can help me I would appreciate it as I am looking to get out this Friday or weekend. thanks for your help.

    Is a 450 too much of a bike for PA. woods riding?

    I rode my last hare scramble on a 450 exc and I had severe arm pump from wrestling that beast through tight single track ended up crashing into a tree and took out my radiators. Before the 450 I had a yz 250 for single track and mx, fun bike little hyper for the woods. Went to a ktm 300xc great bike for all conditions. My most recent bike is the winner a ktm 200xc, yep 200, but it does everything I want it to do and is super easy to whip around. That being said I am now a 46 year old solid B rider that has to go to work on Mondays. The 450 was way too much for single track wood riding I was doing. Good luck.

    Registering a Gas Gas for enduro street use?

    Thanks , do you if the title says anything about off road use only?
  4. Anyone have any exp. with this process, does the title say for offload usage only? I have had no problems with ktm, not sure of GG. Thanks

    ECEA Championship Hare Scrambles Series Round 1

    This will be my first H/S and I am planning on running the c-450 class. I could use a little help with the logistics. Can I register online before sunday? If not what time should I plan on getting down ther on Sunday to register? What do I need to register, I am already a member of the AMA. What other paperwork will I need? DO I have to take a test? Do I have to have my bike tech inspected? What is the deal with the transponder, should I even bother with it for my first race? Sorry for all the questions. Thank a ton for your help.
  6. What a stupid question, Does the race pamphlet say learners permit required or does it say motorcycle license required? Come on you TOOL use that thing GOD put on your head.
  7. I ride a yz250 and with legal riding areas drying up I decided to make the move to the plated/ legal way. I am picking up an 06 450 exc that I have ridden before. I currently lease some farm land and have a mx track built on it. Problem is I can only use it when there is no hunting going on. My track is only 15 mins over the Comm Barry Bridge. I am looking to ride legally down around the Millville, Bell Plains area or other areas of South Jersey. Please Pm me if you can help. I also ride single track with a couple of other guys in Chester County, PA. We are all about 38-45 yrs. old. I guess it is kind of like I will show you mine if you show me yours.
  8. anyonr re have any experience registering this bike in Pa. I am currently looking at one and the title doesn't say for off road use only. I don't want to buy it if I am going to run into troubles registering it. thanks for your help.
  9. Please help I am looking at a clean 07 450 exc with 1300 miles, I can get the bike for $5000.00. No mods, basicially street driven, very clean, Is this a good deal? Thanks

    help 2010 or 2007 450 exc

    Looks like new is the way to go. Next question, $7299.00 plus tax/tags sound like a good price. I am located in the NE, I called several dealers and none of them would go below $8000.00 plus tax/tags. I was quoted $7299.00 from a dealer in Western, PA a 6 hour ride. What do you think. Thanks again
  11. I can get a 2010 450 exc for 7299.00 plus tax/tags or a used 2007 450 1600 miles for 4800.00. Please help me decide as I have researched both bikes and it looks like the RFS engine in 07 is the way to go given its dependability. I really need your help on this one as I truely don't know which way to go . thanks
  12. I have read many threads with similar situations, but I would love to hear from others. Please help with your suggestions. I am a 43 year old B- rider and I currently ride an 06 yz250. I ride 90% mx tracks, however I am going to start doing some hare scrambles and enduros. Basicially I am looking for a bike I can plate and be legal with that I can still take on the MX track, but also do hare scrambles with. I am currently thinking of the 400-450exc or the xcw. What do you experts think, I like the hit of my yz, but I have been wanting to make the move to a 450 4 stroke. The 450 just seems like a much easier bike to ride. Thanks for your help.

    which would you choose?

    Rocket raceway, Snake creek, The landiing, Blue diamond or brezewood which would you choose for a day trip for a 40 yr old vet and 9 year old c= + rider. Thanks
  14. I am thinking about taking a trip out there this spring and would like some info. Has anyone else been there and if so what did you think? I am looking for another place to ride other than blue diamond that is w/i 2 hours of West Chester, PA any suggestions.
  15. alright experts, I have put on a few lbs. I need to know how to adjust front and rear susp for my new 200lb. body w/ gear on. where do I start and step by step would be great. thanks