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  1. Good review johnny, from the sound of it it looks like the WR is better than the pumpkins on the open stuff: faster & more stable at speed. I currently have an '04 300exc but I'm seriously looking at the WR as I'm going to get a new bike in a few months and would like to try something different. How's the handling of the WR in the tight, technical stuff compared to the KTM? Does it feels heavier, slower, etc. or is it close? I'm interested in a nimble feeling bike for the hard stuff. Sorry to hijack the thread (again lol), but I think it's related to the post anyway.
  2. Subscribed, I have an '04 300 that will be replaced as soon as 2011 models hit the showroom floor. Looking at the same bike as KAS Also want to know if it's easy to work on the bikes and if it's hard to get parts. Sorry to hijack the thread lol
  3. ThumperLady, you'll be safe there. I think most problems with mexican cops are at locations near the border with the U.S. Have a nice trip!!
  4. JLE

    Should I???

    If you like the wheels and have the money, who cares? Get the talon/excel wheels, they look great
  5. Thanks man, that's good to hear, I'm almost done with my choice just want to hear more opinions Thanks again!!!
  6. Hello all, I'm new to this forum and I'm planning on buying a '04 CRF450. I already made a search about the CRF as a trail bike, and everybody seems to love it. I was concerned for the MX only moniker of the bike, but I currently ride a "MX only" 2 stroke with no problems so far. Now, my 2 questions: 1. I live and ride in Mexico and the weather can be very very hot in the summer, like 100-105°F. Do you think I can experience some over heating at this temperatures to the point where the bike can't be ridden? Some local riders ride 426 WR/YZF and 525 EXC 4 strokes with no over heating problems. 2. Is the weight noticeable between a MX 2 stroke and the CRF in the trails? Thanks a lot for your help, I really appreciate it!!!