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  1. yamahog

    TTR 125L (minus) E Pics!!!

    Im 15 and can pull my ttr up in 5th no clutch. All its got is a bbr pipe, And its geard lower.(49 tooth rear) I can hold it at 40 mph.
  2. yamahog

    videos of you.

    Does anybody have videos of them selves riding their ttr. I wan to see somebody riding a balanced wheelie or something cause im trying to figure out how to get it balanced. I can ride pretty good ones in second and third but cant balance it.
  3. yamahog

    still need help on my wheelies

    ok.put the bike in second.get the bike rolling, but not fast. Grab the clutch, nail the gas, and then drop the clutch. make sure you cover the rear brake with your foot incase it starts falling on you. then you just hit the back brake, and it will put the front tire back down. with a bunch of practice you can get it. but balancing it is the hardest part. I still havent even figured that one out yet. good luck and have fun.
  4. yamahog

    hubs and spokes

    hey, i have a 03 ttr 125l and need a new rear hub and spokes, but dont want to buy new stock ones. Does anyody know where to get them. And i dont need the motard kind either, jst the regular ones. Any body know where to get them??? Any help is greatly appreciated. thanks, kyle.
  5. yamahog

    17.5 pj.

    I went to go take out the old jet but its in too tight and it wont come out, plus one of my friends dad broke one of the lips of the top of the old one so now i dont know how im gunna get it out....anybody have any clues as to how i can etit out now??? thank
  6. yamahog


    i dont knowwhat made it smoke cause it stopped, the plug was black and no i just opened the air box. And my friend said that the threads on the 17.5 were different than on the carb so it wont fit but i think i'll take it somewhere else and se if it will fit.
  7. yamahog


    ok, so i checked the spark plug after it started smoking and wouldnt fire.But then it started to pop every once and a while when i was slowing down. So first it was too rich,and i didnt do anything, then it ran too lean and i didnt do anything, then i took the side cover off the airbox and it stopped.......&%$#@! is goin on??? Bike=03 ttr125l Mods=bbr exhaust w/110 main and stock pilot.(15 i think.) anybody know whats goin on here cause i dont.
  8. yamahog

    bike not working

    i know my friend keeps telling me to put the old jets back in... how do i lean it out with out rejeting.
  9. yamahog

    Which is a better pipe?

    i have bbr and love it...
  10. yamahog

    bike not working

    scotth, thats exactly what i said but then my friend kept tellin me that and i was like &%$#@!, that was gay...but then we cleaned up a bit till i can get a new one and it worked fine.
  11. yamahog

    bike not working

    i changed the main jet to a 110.no popping or anything and the spark plug was black so im gonna change the spark plug, and have this guy adjust the carb for me... and thenm it should work.
  12. yamahog

    bike not working

    I just put on a new br exhaust... it worked good for a few rides but then it started getting hard to start, it was spittin out black smoke from the exhaust...i changed the oil and it still had the black smoke.... and now it jusst wont start... The smole is not very thick, it is really thin but still noticable if you lok at it.... does anybody know what it might be???
  13. yamahog

    TTR 160cc kit

    What else do you have in there?
  14. yamahog

    BBR 150 Kit owners

    i heard that if you raise the compression things start falling apart. is that true???
  15. yamahog

    chain troubles.......

    no cause i checked th sproket and everything around it so i hink it might be inside the clutch or something cause it sounds like something might be loose in there. bu i dont know cause im no expert.