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    A TT'er lost his wife to cancer

    My thoughts and prayers are with you High Lord Gomer. I appreciate the help that you have been to me on this board. My deepest sympathies sir.
  2. cooter

    Faastco Flex Bars?????

    best modification ive done to the bike!
  3. What is your biggest complaint, nuisance, or pet peeve about dirtbikeing? For example for me it is transporting the bike, especially by myself. It is a pain in the butt to tie the bike down by yourself. So what exactly is it that you hate to do or hate about dirtbikes the most?
  4. cpoorman, with the current setup shown, the wheel chocks are removed by sliding them to the end of the mounting bar. they simply slide out of the end. the blocks and the chocks mounted to them are held in place at various points by a simple rod and cotter pin that slide thru the assembly at different points along the main bar. I can add anthing you want to the bar like high lords suggestion of bungee cords. that would be a very simple addition to make. i also have a similar model im working on, which will capture the front wheel similar to the "bike shoe". i am currently experimenting with different material for the main bar. I have the materials to make a similar setup except the main bar is much smaller height wise (2 inches compared to the current 4 inches). this model will allow unlimited chock mounting positions along the bar as well as offer the ability to completly remove the wheel chock portion by simply removing two bolts. this newer model would sell for $75 plus shipping due to a higher cost for the material. BTW if anyone is seriously interested, please PM me, I accept paypal as well as cashiers checks.
  5. Sorry about the size of the pics. I'll downsize them. I dont have a pic with the bikes in there, however I will take some pics in a day or two with both bike in the truck. As far as how it is mounted: It is mounted thru the front of the bed with three carriage bolts. It requires drilling three small hole in the front of your bed. At first this may seem like a big deal, however in the long run would you rather have three small hole drilled in your bed or would you rather have your bed distorted from the constant pressure of using tie downs mounted to the top of your bed rails? The bikes are much more secure using the rail and you dont have to use nearly as much "pressure" on the tie downs for the bikes to be secure, this is an added benefit because it reduces the stress on your forks and fork seals.
  6. I had the misfortune of having my bike fall over in my truck bed recently. So I set out to purchase a bike bed rail for my truck, but was unwilling to pay the outrageous prices companies are selling these for. So after a little planning I decided to make one myself. The wheel chocks are fully adjustable from side to side. So far it has done a great job of hauling me and my friends bikes. So would anyone here be interested in buying one of these? I figured $50 + shipping would be a fair price. Even if your not interested check out the images and give me your oppinions on this product. pics of bike rail
  7. cool thanks, i didnt realize ncdirtrider.com had pics up, thats cool. hey gomer yes that is me in the photo, thanks for noticing!
  8. Not only did I survive I placed second! AX has to be the craziest thing I have ever done with my clothes on. I had an absolute blast. Thanks everyone for your tips and suggestions earlier in the week. Check out the link for complete race results. I raced 250cc Beginner. Charlote AX Results
  9. cooter

    Anodizing my hubs

    check these out...... TT thread
  10. cooter

    Rubba Dub Dub,Check Deez Hubs

    those look awesome. ive thought about doing the same to mine, but was unsure how the powder would look. im convinced now. that looks sweet!
  11. cooter


    yeah it was freaking cold in there! A buddy of mine works there and i asked him why it was so cold and he said that they had the outside pit doors open and the exhaust fans on to suck out the fumes, so it was also sucking in the cold air. That dude who crashed doing the wheelie was pretty funny. I believe I will be rolling the finish line double. That bad boy is HUGE! What I was most impressed with was the 250 pro/expert main. #241(i think) on a crf450 crashed in the first turn and was in dead last and he came back ALL THE WAY through the pack to finish second. That dude was absolutely blitzing the whoops section! He ran every lap to the finish balls out. If there had been two more laps he would have come from last to win. That is a HUGE feat at any arenacross.
  12. cooter


    just got back from the friday night show and im racing amatuer day on sunday. if ya go root on the crf450 #54. i just hope to make it out in one piece!
  13. cooter

    Replace clutch basket???

    hey cue this is brian (the slow guy on the crf450 at tnt, u know the one whos racing ax this weekend in charlotte). You basket wear is defintly whats causing the clutch to hang. you have two choices one is cheap the other is not. you can remove the basket and file the fingers smooth again or you can buy a new basket. the fingers on my cr250 looked just like yours and i had the same problem u describe. i replaced the basket with a hinson. hinsons product is top notch and the difference in the clutch could really be felt. but hey its your choice, cheap or expensive. choose your poison.