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  1. Kick ass. I was afraid i would. Thank you sir.
  2. I bought a FMF pipe for my 2017, do i need to send my ECM off for a retune?? If so, whom should i send it to? Thanks!!
  3. I bet you are right. Its prolly in the pump more than its leaking out of the inner chamber!! THANKS for the insight...
  4. I was wrong on that, it is the inner chamber, not the outer. Sorry. I do not think he has had the forks rebuilt at all. Its not loosing alot, but he says it didnt leak any for a long time.
  5. On a 2015 when unscrewing the air pump from the outer chamber valve ( the one on top) It leaks a little oil.... Is this normal? I know it will leak a little out of the Balance chamber (bottom one) and be normal. THANKS!!! FYI, not my bike. A friend had a local shop tell him it needs all new "air packing seals" to tune of $700.
  6. Ok. Got the cluch apart today. The cluch is burnt up. I glass beaded the steel plates to band-aid it till next paycheck. Before.... After.....
  7. Cable is brand new Honda not aftermarket. Here is the one that was on the bike when i got it home.
  8. According to me service manual, after '10 has the judder spring. Yea it was was grabby on the starts. It feels "ok" during the race. I pulled the cover off during the oil change and the basket wasnt notched too bad. But i am going to pull the plates out and inspect everything closer as soon as it gets warm enough outside! AGREED!!!Wth is it for??
  9. Well you guys make me feel better about the vale issues. I was very meticulous with all my crf's maintaince. Air filter and engine/trans oil every other ride, oil filter every other oil change and i still had valve issues!!!! Well i raced the sucker this weekend at the Amarillo Texas Arenacross. I got 3rd in vet 40+. I passed up to second for about 2 laps but bobble'd in a corner and got passed..... This bike is GREAT! I instantly felt confident on it. It corners sooooo much better than any of my other bikes, and the EFI was flawless. I dont want to ride a 2014, then i would go by a new one!!!! Wishing i would have entered 250 B now!!!! (I was riding vet 30+ and 250 b when i quit). I just wasnt sure on my speed or fitness. I woulda got my ass kicked, but i woulda rode harder. The gearing was good, stillnot sure if im going to change the gearing..... The clutch sucked on both my starts. Not sure whats wrong, but i have to address that problem pronto ! ! ! Thanks!! Todd S.
  10. Sooooooo I retired in '07, got out 100%. My son kinda acted like he wanted to start riding so i got him a '02 XR70. He rode the crap outta it for a couple months, and needed something bigger. I got online and started hunting. Bought him a 2014 CRF110 and me a 2010 CRF250R!!!! If he starts seriously riding, Ill get him a 65, but the 110 is what he wanted. Here are my questions: Do honda valves still have issues? If so, what are good replacements? If I put a pipe or cam on it, I have to remap the EFI? How in the hell do I do that? Are there any good tricks/tricks or mods for the engine or frame ? Right now its geared 13-48, seems to work ok on the one track I was at (kinda long outdoor style), is that good gears? Past bikes. '02 CRF450 '03 CRF450, 05 CRF250, 06 CRF250, '07 KXF250. I had to put valves in every CRF except the '06, so I am used to valve issues!!! THANKS, Todd S.
  11. Yes they are the same oil, and air 06-07.... See my other post. Toward the bottom of one of my posts.
  12. Dont know, I am going to call White Bros and see if they have a Aluma pro yet. I will ask if the 06 will fit.