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  1. scooter141

    FMF pipe, do i need to tune the ECM on 2017?

    Kick ass. I was afraid i would. Thank you sir.
  2. I bought a FMF pipe for my 2017, do i need to send my ECM off for a retune?? If so, whom should i send it to? Thanks!!
  3. scooter141

    2015 CRF250R outer chamber oil leak

    I bet you are right. Its prolly in the pump more than its leaking out of the inner chamber!! THANKS for the insight...
  4. scooter141

    2015 CRF250R outer chamber oil leak

    I was wrong on that, it is the inner chamber, not the outer. Sorry. I do not think he has had the forks rebuilt at all. Its not loosing alot, but he says it didnt leak any for a long time.
  5. On a 2015 when unscrewing the air pump from the outer chamber valve ( the one on top) It leaks a little oil.... Is this normal? I know it will leak a little out of the Balance chamber (bottom one) and be normal. THANKS!!! FYI, not my bike. A friend had a local shop tell him it needs all new "air packing seals" to tune of $700.
  6. scooter141

    Been out for a while, bought a used 2010. Catch me up!

    Ok. Got the cluch apart today. The cluch is burnt up. I glass beaded the steel plates to band-aid it till next paycheck. Before.... After.....
  7. scooter141

    Been out for a while, bought a used 2010. Catch me up!

    Cable is brand new Honda not aftermarket. Here is the one that was on the bike when i got it home.
  8. scooter141

    Been out for a while, bought a used 2010. Catch me up!

    According to me service manual, after '10 has the judder spring. Yea it was was grabby on the starts. It feels "ok" during the race. I pulled the cover off during the oil change and the basket wasnt notched too bad. But i am going to pull the plates out and inspect everything closer as soon as it gets warm enough outside! AGREED!!!Wth is it for??
  9. scooter141

    Been out for a while, bought a used 2010. Catch me up!

    Well you guys make me feel better about the vale issues. I was very meticulous with all my crf's maintaince. Air filter and engine/trans oil every other ride, oil filter every other oil change and i still had valve issues!!!! Well i raced the sucker this weekend at the Amarillo Texas Arenacross. I got 3rd in vet 40+. I passed up to second for about 2 laps but bobble'd in a corner and got passed..... This bike is GREAT! I instantly felt confident on it. It corners sooooo much better than any of my other bikes, and the EFI was flawless. I dont want to ride a 2014, then i would go by a new one!!!! Wishing i would have entered 250 B now!!!! (I was riding vet 30+ and 250 b when i quit). I just wasnt sure on my speed or fitness. I woulda got my ass kicked, but i woulda rode harder. The gearing was good, stillnot sure if im going to change the gearing..... The clutch sucked on both my starts. Not sure whats wrong, but i have to address that problem pronto ! ! ! Thanks!! Todd S.
  10. Sooooooo I retired in '07, got out 100%. My son kinda acted like he wanted to start riding so i got him a '02 XR70. He rode the crap outta it for a couple months, and needed something bigger. I got online and started hunting. Bought him a 2014 CRF110 and me a 2010 CRF250R!!!! If he starts seriously riding, Ill get him a 65, but the 110 is what he wanted. Here are my questions: Do honda valves still have issues? If so, what are good replacements? If I put a pipe or cam on it, I have to remap the EFI? How in the hell do I do that? Are there any good tricks/tricks or mods for the engine or frame ? Right now its geared 13-48, seems to work ok on the one track I was at (kinda long outdoor style), is that good gears? Past bikes. '02 CRF450 '03 CRF450, 05 CRF250, 06 CRF250, '07 KXF250. I had to put valves in every CRF except the '06, so I am used to valve issues!!! THANKS, Todd S.
  11. scooter141

    06 Oil and Air Filter on 07????

    Yes they are the same oil, and air 06-07.... See my other post. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=424474 Toward the bottom of one of my posts.
  12. scooter141

    Raced my 2007 KX250F ! ! ! !

    Dont know, I am going to call White Bros and see if they have a Aluma pro yet. I will ask if the 06 will fit.