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  1. I've been using for 2 years with excellent results and prices.
  2. I have a brand new Baja Designs plate, if you're interested you can have it for $50.
  3. The AZ DMV told me the same thing. They barely even looked at my bike, and I didn't even have to start it! They only looked at the VIN #, and to see that it had head and tail lights. They didn't even care if they worked! Here we can have only one mirror, and we don't need blinkers, battery or high beam headlight. You do need a brake light. And like they said...when you get pulled over is when you'll need to prove the beast is street legal(to the cop). Good luck......
  4. This is a complete exhaust. It's in great shape, except for a couple of small cosmetic dings in the muffler below the label. Much lighter and more powerful than stock. You can email me at for some pics.