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    ? alba racing.

    kiwicraig, thanks for the reply!!! I am getting close to a kit!!! It is coming down to either the yoshimura or the alba kit. It is getting really hard to make a decision. I will make my final decision this week. I'll keep you guys posted on what happens. Hopefuly the full exhaust, intake filter, and teh jet kit will make a BIG difference AMEN!!!!! thanks David
  2. BlownYFZ450

    Yamaha ? alba racing.

    Any of you guys have any exp w/ Aba racing? I am interested in the ALBA Action YFZ450 Full System [ALBA-YFZ450-RACE-KIT] I don't know if the price is high or what? the price for this kit is $449.99 The kit includes the following: Pro flow adapter k&n filter Main jet outter wear needle Slow jet Head pipe & Canister what do you guys think? Since I am on the subject let me ask the follwing too!! WhiteBrothers E-series WB E-Series Slip on muffler DyneJet perfect jet kit Pro-Design pro flow filter kit $369.95 *The kit above doesn't include a head pipe Yoshimura kit Yoshiura Comp Complete pipe Dynejet Perfect Jet Kit Pro-design Pro flow kit $579.95 Thanks, David
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    Yamaha This forum kick A$$!!!!

    Just saying whats up!!!!! I have had my YFZ450 for about 7 weeks. I have taken it out every week so far!!!. Last week was my first time at Glamis and it rocked. Going back again this friday!!!!!!! Now the performence bug has bit me. I have done numorous hours of research. So far I am interested in picking up the following!!!!! Exhaust(WB, Procircuit, Bills Thunder, FMF, yoshimura) header( don't know what to get) Jets intake(foam or K&N) I am trying to purchase a package from www.magicracing.com what would you guys recommend? thanks, Dave