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  1. Cool. Glad someone checked it out. Glad you enjoyed it. It was my first video. I'm working on the second now (gathering more footage). Hope to make a better one.
  2. I can't get the AVI to load to the host site. It's 713MB and locks up every time. You can check the file formats out if you like. Here is a link to the site with the software designed for games that compressed the 713MB .AVI file into a 191MB file with the player built in. So it will play on any computer. If I was out to load strange stuff on peoples computers don't you think I would make smaller than 191MB so people would be a billion times more likly to download it? I just made this myself. It's my first video and I thought people that like to ride might enjoy as much as my family, my friend, and I do. I guess I've been working on get this on the web for almost a week for no reason. Well I hope someone downloads so they will tell everyone else it is cool. Peace Shawn
  3. Well here is my other Honda. I love it and the CRF450R the same.
  4. You take the http://xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and paste it into the address bar. I'm sorry I don't know much about posting on here. Also you might have to setup and account. I'm not happy if you do have to setup and account. I'm paying to have this hosted on the web. i think you should be able to do it without signing up. Maybe later I will find a better place to host it, but for now this is how it is. Sorry.
  5. This is a link to a video I made of my family and friends riding plus some more. Hope you all enjoy it. javascript:ol(''); You will have to setup and account to download it, but it's free. I'm trying to get the uncompressed on up, but the uploader keeps crashing. See Ya, The Dickens PS. sorry guys. didn't know it posted when IE crashed. So I switched to firefox and posted it again.
  6. This is a video of my family and friends I made. It has riding and then some. Hope you all enjoy it. You will have to make an account to download it. I'm trying to get the full uncompressed one up, but it's 713MB and the uploader keeps dropping it on me. See Ya, The Dickens
  7. Yes, it is true. Sad day for all of the local hobbie riders. From what I've heard the last death was caused by the boys father. The kid wrecked and the dad was on a quad doing a wheelie. He dropped the front down right on his son and the kid died a few days later in the hospital. There were way to many people doing stupid things.
  8. Not unless the bike over heats to the point of ring wear and maybe other engine damage.
  9. If you look at the bottom of the cap you will see a metal disk. This opens in the other direction and is held by a much smaller spring allowing only a slight vaccum inside the system before it pulls coolant back in. If you like you can pull it open and see how it works. Also, like said above the tube needs to be at the bottom of the over flow tank or it will only suck in air.