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  1. 2strokezuke

    FMF fatty came with a dent?

    Its fine. I agree its probably clearance for the radiator... Even if it is a defect its going to get dinged 10x worse the instance you go down hard. Plus, it takes some serious dingage before there's a noticeable performance difference.
  2. 2strokezuke

    2008 200xc porting

    I am going to try out Ken O'Conner. Looks like he does a lot of 2 stroke porting from the website. The Derek Harris prices were very high and I always get suspicious when engine mods are referred to as 'stages'.
  3. 2strokezuke

    2008 200xc porting

    I had to get a new cylinder this year, mine is spent. They don't sell the sx jug anymore; you can only get 1 type which i assume is the xc/xcw type. J-bone no longer does porting, the old one he did was great. His auto-reply recommended the Moto-Lab and ken O'conner. Are these guys good?
  4. 2strokezuke

    2008 KTM 200 shock compatibility

    The post office lost my shock. I need to find one on ebay. I can't find a shock for my exact bike. Also the '08 200 had an odd frame which was only reused on the '09 200. Since KTM had a different shock tailored to each bike I can't use the part numbers to guarantee fitment. I'm having the shock revalved and resprung anyway. I'm just concerned that the stroke length will be correct or that the shock was designed for the same angle (not sure if that matters..) Maybe KTM has some sort of tech support that can help me out with this? But, does anyone know what shocks are compatible or if the shock part numbers indicate anything? I have: 12187D27. All the ones I've seen have the 12187 followed by other stuff. Thanks Tony
  5. 2strokezuke

    How to wire a stator to charge a battery

    Yes the 2 lighting wires. the stator input wires need to be electrically isolated from DC ground ( the frame in this case)\ Sorry my internet is terrible I can't bring up any of the wiring diagrams... But you could also guarantee operation by NOT connecting the 12v DC ground to the frame and just have ground wire going from the regulator ->battery -> all the lights ( don't connect in series.)
  6. 2strokezuke

    How to wire a stator to charge a battery

    Check that the 2 wires coming from stator are isolated from the chassis before you buy this.
  7. 2strokezuke

    02 KTM 200EXC newbie for the newbies

    Dude I ride with bought a Lectron for his 300xc, replacing the stock mikuni ... Didn't work out. Have you considered just boring the current carb to 38mm? Cost me ~$60. I sent it to Jbone along with the top end but I beleive PowerSeal did the actual bore work. Came out great!
  8. 2strokezuke

    Whats the deal with 200 pipe fitment?

    Fits perfect, required zero rigging, probably fits better than the KTM power parts pipe. It also doesn't hang out on the bottom left side like the old one... So its probably not going to bent up by rocks and last longer. Stinger fits perfect. Does not touch the radiator hose. Does not touch the radiator. I have the over sized ones too.
  9. 2strokezuke

    200 XC-W 2009 transmission problem

    yeah common problem on these bikes. So it sounds like the splines on your shift lever and/or shift shaft could be worn out. This will make the shifting feel lame and ineffectual. Also you shifter return spring could be worn out. This will make lever feel week. Also the shifter cam position spring could be worn. This will make you lose the solid shift click. Ok so what you should do is replace the lever first, the simplest fix. Only use the OEM KTM lever. Do NOT waste your money on a aftermarket one, it won't last. Bolt the thing with lock washers and lock tight; The levers frequently come lose on this bike. If that doesn't fix the problem go ahead and just replace the 2 springs and the shaft; You'll already have access to those parts so might as well replace everything and not deal with it. Oh, and might as well replace those springs and flappers while your in there.
  10. 2strokezuke

    2002 125 sx Power Valve

    your welcome.­čśü
  11. 2strokezuke

    How to wire a stator to charge a battery

    ahhh. it may just be a rectifier. If its just a regulator its probably already broken. A rectifier converts the AC power from the generator to DC. its sort of like a 1-way valve for electrical current. The regulator takes the 'unregulated' DC power from the rectifier and makes it maintain a constant 12v or 13.1v or whatever. A rectifier/regulator combines these 2 circuits together.
  12. 2strokezuke

    2002 125 sx Power Valve

    did you try taking of the engine cover, and just guaranteeing that its fit in correctly It can look like its meshed without being meshed, ive done it before
  13. 2strokezuke

    How to wire a stator to charge a battery

    what rectifier/regulator did get? Is there a capacitor connected on the output? Probably not the problem but i've seen stranger things happen.
  14. 2strokezuke

    How to wire a stator to charge a battery

    alright mang I found a wiring diagram. http://www.motogelnar.cz/manual/KTM/KTM125-200_1999-2003ServiceManual.pdf
  15. 2strokezuke

    How to wire a stator to charge a battery

    something is wrong, what stator did you get.